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What You Need To Know About Groundhogs

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Groundhogs might seem like harmless cute critters, but these wildlife pests cause serious issues on the properties they invade. Our technicians at RodentX Wildlife Control are here to help you effectively and safely remove these critters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Groundhogs

What are groundhogs?

Groundhogs, sometimes referred to as woodchucks, are large rodents that belong to a classification of ground squirrels known as marmots. They are larger rodents, growing on average between four and thirteen pounds, and they have four large incisor teeth which continually grow. Most groundhogs have a coat of brownish fur, but some appear gray or grayish-brown.

Are groundhogs dangerous?

While groundhogs are not typically known to attack humans, if they feel particularly threatened or are protecting their young, they might attack. Injuries caused by groundhogs usually aren't severe, but they can transmit bacteria and diseases. Groundhogs can carry the rabies virus in addition to several other illnesses like tularemia. These animals also transport fleas and ticks into your yard, which can cause further pest infestations.

If groundhogs take up residence on your property, they do present a threat, thanks to their continually growing front teeth. They need to sharpen these teeth and grind them down and will gnaw at things constantly to keep them from overgrowing; this can result in severe property destruction.

Why do I have a groundhog problem?

Groundhogs are usually attracted to properties that offer them plenty of easy access to food, moisture, and spaces for burrowing. This critter is a herbivore and mainly feeds on plants. Properties with vegetable and flower gardens plus plenty of loose soil they can easily dig into make prime areas for groundhog infestations.

Where will I find groundhogs?

Groundhogs are almost always outdoors and tend to stay in their burrows most of the time. When they are not hiding underground, you may see them scavenging through vegetable gardens, near the tree line of wooded areas, or sifting through compost piles or piles of organic debris. Groundhogs are most commonly outside their burrows during the early morning or early evening hours.

How do I get rid of groundhogs?

If you want to get rid of groundhogs without putting yourself at risk of encountering these pests directly, contact RodentX Wildlife Control. Our team of knowledgeable technicians knows how to locate the source of your groundhog issues and can provide you with tailored wildlife removal treatments to get rid of them.

Skip the DIY groundhog control and trust RodentX Wildlife Control for effective, reliable, and safe groundhog removal. Request your free inspection today to get started.

How can I prevent groundhogs in the future?

To prevent groundhogs from invading your property in the future, follow the expert tips below:

  • Inspect your property for groundhog access points and cover up access into crawl spaces or the underside of buildings.
  • Utilize raised gardening beds for vegetable and flower pots to make it more difficult for groundhogs to reach these food sources.
  • Cover up any outdoor gardens with netting to groundhog-proof these spaces.
  • Remove piles of organic debris, cut back long grass or overgrown foliage, and fill any ground holes around your property to reduce groundhog sheltering spots.
  • Install fencing between your property and wooded areas at least twelve inches into the ground to stop groundhogs from burrowing into your property.

Contact RodentX Wildlife Control if you have more questions about wildlife control in Rochester or need immediate assistance removing groundhogs from your property.

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