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The Central New York region is centered around Syracuse, the state’s fifth-largest city, and features the Mohawk River. Its hills, rivers, cities, farms, and recreation make it a unique area and an excellent place to live and work.

The beauty of the Central NY region is also attractive to various wildlife. These pests typically live in the woods and waterways of the area but will invade buildings for warmth when it gets cold. They can cause damage and spread illnesses, leaving health risks after they leave. Central region wildlife control professionals can eliminate infestations to protect your property.

Who should you call when wildlife invades your Central NY home? RodentX Wildlife Control offers wildlife control for residents in the Central NY region. Our technicians have the skills to eliminate infestations from your home or business.

Residential Wildlife Control In Central Region

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The rolling hills, vast forests, and flowing waterways of Central NY are ideal places for various animals to reside. Since many homes are also in these areas, rodents are a common concern, causing damage and spreading illnesses to your family. Fortunately, residential wildlife control services in Central Region can prevent infestations.

Whether wild animals are already on your property or you want to prevent future infestations, RodentX Wildlife Control is here to help. We start with a thorough inspection of your home, looking for unwanted animals, damage, and vulnerable spots where they can enter your house. We remove the intruders by setting traps based on the animal. After removing the pests, we’ll clean up droppings, repair damage, and pest-proof your house to avoid future trouble.

Successful wildlife pest prevention never stops, so we offer monthly reservicing to keep your home pest-free. We also offer same-day emergency visits to keep new infestations from growing. Call RodentX Wildlife Control today if wildlife is causing problems for your Central NY home.

Commercial Wildlife Control In Central Region

Commercial facilities offer wild animals food, water, and shelter, making these buildings a common place to infest. Additionally, these structures are usually empty after dark, allowing wildlife to roam undisturbed. While pests aren't more likely to invade businesses than homes, these factors enable them to remain longer and cause more problems.

When wild animals enter commercial buildings, they can cause damage and spread illnesses to employees and customers. The presence of these creatures is unsanitary, and their appearance can scare patrons away from your establishment. Attempting to remove these animals can be dangerous, so you should call professional wildlife control to eliminate an infestation.

Our commercial wildlife control services in Central Region will include an inspection of your facility to find any animals and remove them with pest-specific traps. We’ll clean up your facility to eliminate potential health hazards and take preventative steps to avoid future infestations. We also offer monthly and quarterly visits for continuous protection. Contact us today to resolve a wildlife infestation in your Central NY facility.

The Easiest Way To Keep Your Central Region Home Rodent Free: Rodent Exclusion Services

When rodents invade your home, they can cause significant damage, leave odors, and spread illnesses. These pests hide in attics, crawl spaces, and basements, making them hard to find and reach. They might be in your home for weeks before you realize they’re on your property. The easiest way to keep your home rodent free is rodent exclusion services.

Rodent control professionals know the habits of these creatures and, more importantly, the preventative steps to keep them out. We’ll inspect your home to determine potential entry points and seal vulnerable areas, including:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Chimneys
  • Exhaust vents
  • Pipes
  • Roofs

Mice and rats can enter homes through tiny holes, so it's hard to find vulnerable spots. It can also be dangerous to inspect your roof. Central Region rodent exclusion professionals have the knowledge and experience to safely and thoroughly search your home to find where these pests might enter. Call RodentX Wildlife Control today to keep rodents away from your Central NY house.

Get Rid Of All The Clutter In Your Central Region Home Without The Headache!

Shelter is one of the most common reasons rodents invade Central NY homes, especially during winter. These animals burrow into insulation and clutter around your house for warmth. Therefore, getting rid of clutter is one of the best ways to avoid a rodent infestation.

Plants and vegetation are outdoor clutter that make good living quarters for these pests. Shrubs and piles of leaves provide nests and hiding spots from potential predators. Additionally, tree limbs offer easy access to your roof, allowing rodents to sneak into your attic.

Since cleaning up these areas can be a headache, RodentX Wildlife Control can take care of the job for you. Contact us to learn how our services can keep rodents from invading your Central NY home.

How Pest Insulation Prevents Pest Problems In Central New York

Insulation is a vital part of Central New York homes even though people don’t always see it. One of the many benefits of having quality insulation is the prevention of pest problems. Essentially, having insulation works as a barrier layer of defense between the inside of a home and the rodents and wildlife that want to enter it. Certain types of insulation, such as cellulose insulation, can even be unattractive to pests such as rodents, which can also work to deter them. Some of these products may contain boric acid for an added benefit.

When it comes to having the most effective insulation possible, RodentX Wildlife Control is the team to trust. We have more than a decade of experience getting rid of damaged insulation, installing quality insulation, and ensuring reliable outcomes. Each of our customers benefits from the insulation that’s a fit for their property. We have the option of using cellulose, blow-in, or fiberglass insulation to meet the customer’s needs. Prior to any insulation installations, we make sure to ethically remove all rodents or wildlife, sanitize the area, and remove old insulation. For more information on insulation services in Central New York, please call us today.

Why Sanitizing After A Pest Problem In Central New York Is Essential

After Central New York properties have seen a pest infestation, professional sanitizing is an absolute must. Some of the pests that invade local properties are linked with very serious health issues. Rodent feces alone can be associated with E. coli infections, salmonellosis, and hantavirus. With regards to hantavirus, people can develop this lung infection simply by breathing in particles of droppings, so they must all be completely removed. Additionally, the products and methods that are available to the average person are likely not effective enough and may not be used in the right way. By working with a professional, people will benefit from their training and expertise.

At RodentX Wildlife Control, we provide sanitizing solutions that bring our customers total peace of mind. With over a decade of experience, we know the issues that can come from a lack of proper cleaning and since our inception, it’s been our goal to keep our community safe. In order to do so, we utilize comprehensive property inspections to determine what areas need a thorough cleaning. Some of what we’re looking for includes signs of rodent or wildlife droppings and urine. We then prepare the area that we’re going to sanitize, eliminate any existing debris, and then use our EPA-approved, hospital-grade products to remove all signs of contamination. For more information on sanitation services in Central New York, call us today.

Why Pest Damage In Central New York Needs Professional Repairs

When pests such as rodents and wildlife invade Central New York properties, property damage may be unavoidable. The most effective way to address these issues is with professional help.

Some of the reasons why this is necessary include:

  • Protection from future pest infestations
  • Removal of ceiling tiles that may contain fecal matter and urine that are linked with the spread of health risks
  • More efficient insulation that creates a more comfortable home
  • Reliability that comes from professional training and top-shelf products
  • Less expensive energy bills from having a more controllable interior climate

When property owners encounter property damage due to pests, RodentX Wildlife Control is the team to call. We are a local company that offers a broad range of restorative services to meet our customers’ needs, whatever they may be. Some of our signature services include insulation remediation and installation, exclusion, and other related repairs. Rodents and wildlife are very often to blame for issues with insulation, which is why we are prepared to remove any infested insulation and replace it with the blow-in style. We also replace damaged ceiling tiles and seal up cracks in concrete. For more information on pest damage repairs, call us today.

Remove Any Wildlife Or Rodent Infestation In Central New York

The wildlife and rodent infestations that happen in Central New York have the potential to bring property damage and health risks to local homes and businesses. These animals are unpredictable and because of that, they can be difficult to get rid of and should not be dealt with on their own. Instead, consider professional services from RodentX Wildlife Control. With more than a decade of local wildlife experience, we have an in-depth understanding of the issues that our customers face. We work side-by-side with homeowners and business owners in order to create programs that fit their exact needs.

When people spot wildlife or rodent issues on their properties, we’ll be right over to perform a complete inspection that’s free of charge. We use this time to make a proper identification, understand the scope of the infestation population, and find entry points that the animals may have used. The plan that we initiate utilizes only ethical and humane practices while also working to deliver reliable long-term results. In order to keep other wildlife and rodents from becoming an issue, we usually suggest quarterly maintenance. We also provide education on prevention and sanitation services. For more information on wildlife and rodent control, call us today.

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"They were professional right from the start. They removed contaminated insulation and replaced all the insulation in the attic. They sealed up all entry points, so no more bats/squirrels can get in. I would certainly recommend RodentX!"

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