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It's one thing to survive a rodent infestation but quite another to recover after its removal. Rats, mice, and the occasional squirrel are known for leaving a trail of devastation and frequently destroying wood, insulation, and even concrete inside and outside the home. Affected areas will require immediate consideration, as large gaps and entry points may allow future rodents to get inside. Furthermore, rodents carry other types of pests that thrive in human habitations, making immediate patchwork a critical requirement rather than a self-paced activity.

For fast-acting rodent repairs done right the first time, RodentX is the team to call. Our company has become an industry leader in rodent control in Rochester and has years of hands-on experience with rodent repairs in residential and commercial settings. From attics and basements to kitchens and bathrooms, RodentX can help with rodent repairs at your beck and call.

Get peace of mind and confidence after rodent problems of any size. Just get in touch with the crew at RodentX to discuss possible solutions for your post-rodent home. Our team may be able to respond with same-day or emergency services.

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Our Approach To Rodent-Related Repairs

Rodent-related damage can take many forms. However, some of the most common repairs include patching holes and cracks, removing insulation, and replacing ruined ceiling tiles. These are the types of issues RodentX fixes every single day, commanding more than a decade of experience in the Rochester area. If you need help, we'll be there with all the tools needed to do it right.

RodentX believes in taking an honest approach to every repair job, which means we only recommend what needs to be done rather than upsell our services. We aren't here to inflate the cost of your project through needless replacements or additional services. Instead, our goal is to provide trustworthy, straightforward repairs that protect your home just as expected.

We offer three different types of repairs for rodent-related damage:

  1. We will remove and replace any soiled insulation around your property. Our team relies on blow-in style insulation since it's more effective than other traditional roll-up options. Please note that we do not currently offer spray foam insulation.
  2. Our team will investigate and replace any damaged ceiling tiles around your property. An assigned team member will remove and dispose of any soiled or broken pieces. Be sure to point out any problem areas for our technicians to evaluate.
  3. Finally, we can patch and seal damaged concrete or mortar in your home or business. Our service includes patching up areas around a foundation or replacing entire sections of affected mortar. As always, our rollout depends on your needs.

Ready to get started on any of these rodent repair services? Call the team at RodentX for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

The team at RodentX proudly provides comprehensive rodent repairs in Rochester, NY, including insulation removal, ceiling tile replacement, and concrete and mortar work. Our highly skilled team understands the many threats of a post-rodent environment and works tirelessly to get the job done right the first time. Depending on the conditions in question, we may even be able to serve you with same-day or emergency services.

You're welcome to contact RodentX directly to chat more about your needs and our solutions.

The truth is that every rodent infestation comes with its own unique set of problems. Therefore, it's not possible to provide an exact quote without first inspecting the property in question and assessing its damage. RodentX is proud to offer 100% free inspections for Rochester home and business owners looking to get rodent repairs. Plus, depending on the scope of work, you can receive a comprehensive estimate directly after your free inspection.

You can learn more about this process and receive your free quote by completing our online contact form.

The hardworking team at RodentX can perform extensive rodent repairs in any home or business. That said, there may be some types of repairs that fall outside of our current capabilities. To learn more about what we can and cannot do for your Rochester property, please don't hesitate to contact RodentX. We will schedule a free inspection of your building with same-day or emergency urgency (if possible).

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Professional service from the first call to the finished job and inspections. They were always on time, and respected us and our property as they replaced all insulation in the attic and some in the basement. They filled all the entry points and we have no more unwanted pests."

Joan K

"They were professional right from the start. They removed contaminated insulation and replaced all the insulation in the attic. They sealed up all entry points, so no more bats/squirrels can get in. I would certainly recommend RodentX!"

Jacqueline C

"My wife and I were very happy with the service from RodentX,LLC. From the beginning to the end of the project they were prompt, professional, courteous and effective with what they had to do. The Team Leader kept the whole job organized and completed on time. I would highly recommend this company."

Thomas T
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RodentX is a local, family-owned business with over ten years of experience in the wildlife control industry. We are Rochester’s premier provider of wildlife control, prevention, and repair. If you have rodents, bats, or other wildlife invading your home or business, contact us for the safest, most reliable service available.

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