Why Raccoons Love Your Rochester Yard And What To Do About It

raccoon on house roof

If you find your trash can open and trash all over your yard, the culprit may be a raccoon. Raccoons have found their way into urban areas and are becoming a common problem. People frequently contact Rochester wildlife control companies to handle wildlife removal, but not all companies can offer this service.

If you have been searching for raccoon control near you, you have come to the right place. There are plenty of reasons to seek out wildlife removal for raccoons; these animals endanger the health of your family and pets and can damage your home. 

We will explain what attracts raccoons to homes in our area and give some helpful tips on raccoon prevention and control. You should never attempt wildlife trapping on your own, especially with raccoons, because they may become aggressive and bite. 

Why Raccoons Love Urban Areas

In the past, raccoons primarily lived in forests and fields near water sources. Today, we frequently find them in urban areas, and they have learned to adapt to city life. Wildlife control for raccoons and wildlife removal are services often associated with rural living, but they have also become necessary in urban areas. 

The primary reason raccoons love city life is that food is easily accessible here. In the woods, raccoons need to forage and hunt for food; in urban areas, they have access to an endless buffet of food scraps in our trash cans. The need for companies that offer raccoon control services continually grows in urban areas as their populations continue to increase.

Why You Don't Want Raccoons Hanging Around Your House

Raccoons are dangerous pests when they hang around your home. It is critical to contact a company familiar with raccoon control near you if you suspect them on your property. 

Raccoons in our area may carry several diseases that can spread to your family and pets, most notably rabies. In addition to rabies, they also spread roundworm, salmonellosis, and E. coli. Some of these are quite dangerous to people making it critical to contact a professional company for raccoon control.

Raccoons seeking shelter frequently damage houses tearing shingles and boards and trying to find a way to get inside. They also attempt to enter attics and chimneys to create denning sites. We recommend you never try wildlife trapping yourself; instead, contact a company with experience in wildlife control for raccoons.

Simple Tips To Prevent Raccoon Activity Around Your Yard

The following are some tips you can use to help with raccoon prevention and control:

  • Repair broken vents and loose siding.
  • Cap chimneys or install mesh over them.
  • Store trash in sealed areas such as sheds if possible; if not, purchase tight-fitting animal-proof trash containers.
  • Keep your yard clear of debris, brush, and leaves that provide hiding spots and dwellings.
  • Enlist the help of a company that provides raccoon control services.

Prevention is the best raccoon control available, but if you think you may have a raccoon problem, we recommend seeking professional help.

The Safest Way To Remove Raccoons from Your Property

Animals that are trapped or feel threatened often become aggressive and will attack. Animals with rabies can sometimes be especially aggressive. Because of the risk of diseases associated with wild animals, you should never attempt wildlife trapping or removal on your own.

At RodentX Wildlife Control, our wildlife technicians are skilled in wildlife removal for raccoons and other animals. We can assist you with a thorough inspection to find and seal any entry points and give further prevention tips. Contact us today for more information about raccoon prevention and control.

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