What You Ought To Know About The Skunks In Rochester

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Belonging the family Mephitidae, the striped skunk (Mephitis mephitis), or polecat, is a type of mammal with a distinctive black-and-white appearance. Until recent years, skunks remained members of the weasel (Mustelid) family. Mephitis mephitis is a term derived from Latin meaning “double foul odor.” Aptly named, skunks will defend themselves from perceived danger by using their scent glands to emit a potent, foul odor that is highly irritating to a human or animal’s eyes.   

With a body size similar to that of a house (domestic) cat, skunks prefer natural outdoor settings, which may include residential areas. Skunks usually mate in February or March, with females giving birth to litters of roughly four to six in April or May. 

As primarily nocturnal creatures, skunks typically emerge after dark. According to the New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation, skunks will eat many different foods, including berries, nuts, worms, grubs, and newborn birds, mice, and rabbits. Although the skunks found in New York do not hibernate, they will often burrow within a den and remain there during the winter and after giving birth to a litter.  

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Habits And Behaviors Of Common Urban Skunks

In most cases, property owners will detect the lingering odor of a skunk more often than actually see one. Skunks in Rochester are largely foragers that might create small holes in lawn areas as they dig for grubs. Skunks often reside in firewood storage areas or below decks, sheds, or porches in exterior yard areas. 

Although generally non-aggressive creatures that fear humans, you should never intentionally confront or have contact with a skunk. Before spraying, skunks will raise their tail and position their rear end in the direction of a threat, such as a human or a dog. 

It's Problematic To Have Skunks Around Your Yard

Dogs running loose in backyard areas are among the most commonly sprayed by skunks. If a skunk sprays your pet, apply a solution containing hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dishwashing soap, and rinse well with water. 

Skunks are known carriers of rabies and carry fleas, ticks, and other harmful parasites. Having skunks in your yard might also attract hungry predators, including foxes or coyotes. Skunks often forage near roads and are susceptible to collisions with moving vehicles. Professional wildlife control in Rochester is the best way to deal with them safely.

Practical Tips To Prevent Skunks Around The Yard

Are you seeking the best ways of preventing skunks from entering the yard of your Rochester home? Consider some of the following best practices: 

  • Never place pet food bowls on decks, patios, and other outdoor areas. 
  • Inspect the exterior yard area for any ground holes or voids around trees that might serve as potential skunk dens and fill them.
  • Use chicken wire as a barrier to prevent skunks from entering the bases of decks or porches. 
  • Grubs are a favorite food for skunks; therefore, avoid overwatering your lawn and use a product for seasonal grub prevention as needed. 
  • Skunks are somewhat skittish creatures that bright lighting will typically deter.

While many of these tips represent viable preventative methods, Rochester-area homeowners struggling with these wildlife pests should contact a local skunk control professional for assistance.  

Contact The Pros For Effective Skunk Removal And Control

The experts with RodentX Wildlife Control provide effective wildlife control services for residential and commercial customers throughout Rochester. We have a properly trained team of technicians that understand nuisance wildlife removal and the importance of operating in a manner that ensures safety. 

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