What To Do If Your Home Has Property Damage From Rodents

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If you've discovered property damage caused by rodents in your home, it's essential to take immediate action. Rodents can wreak havoc on your property, causing damage that extends beyond what meets the eye. RodentX will go over the steps you should take if you have rodents, the importance of professional rodent treatment, why rodents can be so destructive inside homes, and why calling the Rochester pest control pros for professional repair service is the best solution.

If You Have Rodents, Get Professional Rodent Treatment

Skip the store-bought baits and traps; dealing with a rodent infestation requires the expertise of rodent pest control professionals. RodentX offers comprehensive rodent treatment services to eliminate these pests from your home. Our team will conduct a thorough inspection of your entire property, including the whole home, attic, basement, outside areas, roof, and crawl space. We meticulously search for entry points and assess any damages to wires, insulation, and structures like drop ceilings. By identifying these areas, we can develop a customized treatment plan to remove all rodents and prevent future rodent infestations.

So, The Rodents Are Gone, Now What?

Congratulations on successfully eliminating the rodents from your home! However, the work doesn't end there.

After rodent removal, it's crucial to take the following steps to ensure a rodent-free environment:

  • Exclusion work and pest-proofing: To prevent rodents from re-entering your home, our experts will perform exclusion work by sealing off potential entry points. We'll identify and seal gaps, cracks, and openings, ensuring that rodents can no longer access your property. Additionally, we'll provide pest-proofing measures to make your home less appealing to rodents
  • Insulation remediation and sanitization: Rodents can cause extensive damage to insulation, which not only compromises its effectiveness but also poses health risks. Our team will remove any soiled insulation and thoroughly sanitize the area using hospital-grade products. We'll then install new insulation that meets the required R-value rating, restoring energy efficiency and ensuring a safe living environment.
  • Repair and restoration: RodentX offers comprehensive repair services to address any damage caused by rodents. Whether it's replacing soiled insulation, ceiling tiles, or other affected materials, our team is equipped to restore your home to its pre-infestation condition. We specialize in concrete and mortar work, providing a thorough and effective repair process.

Don't let rodent damage go unaddressed in your home. Contact RodentX today for professional repair service in Rochester. Our team will assess the damage, provide comprehensive repairs, and ensure the safety and well-being of your family. Say goodbye to the aftermath of rodent infestations and welcome a restored, rodent-free living environment. Call us for a free inspection and let RodentX be your trusted partner in resolving rodent-related property damage.

Why Rodents Can Be So Destructive Inside Rochester Homes

Common rodents in Rochester have a remarkable ability to cause extensive damage to homes in Rochester. They create nests, leave droppings and urine, and gnaw on various materials, including wires and insulation. The destruction is not limited to visible areas but extends to hard-to-reach places like attics, basements, and crawl spaces. Damaged insulation becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and diseases, posing health risks to your family. By seeking professional residential wildlife control in Rochester, you can address these issues promptly and effectively.

Why To Call RodentX For Professional Repair Service In Rochester

When it comes to repairing the damage caused by rodents, trust the experts at RodentX. Our experienced team understands the unique challenges of rodent-related repairs. We offer a range of services, including the removal and replacement of soiled insulation, ceiling tiles, and more. Our expertise extends to concrete and mortar work, ensuring thorough repairs that prevent future infestations. We prioritize prompt and effective rodent control services, allowing you to restore your home and have peace of mind. Contact us today to get rid of rodents and to learn more about our residential and commercial wildlife control services in Rochester.

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"Professional service from the first call to the finished job and inspections. They were always on time, and respected us and our property as they replaced all insulation in the attic and some in the basement. They filled all the entry points and we have no more unwanted pests."

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"They were professional right from the start. They removed contaminated insulation and replaced all the insulation in the attic. They sealed up all entry points, so no more bats/squirrels can get in. I would certainly recommend RodentX!"

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"My wife and I were very happy with the service from RodentX Wildlife Control. From the beginning to the end of the project they were prompt, professional, courteous and effective with what they had to do. The Team Leader kept the whole job organized and completed on time. I would highly recommend this company."

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