What To Do If Bats Have Taken Up Residence On Your Rochester Property

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In our part of the country, bats are small, usually between 2 1/2 and 7 1/2 inches, and are carnivorous mammals spending most of their time looking for bugs to snack on. Most types of bats, urban myths aside, hold very little interest in gothic outfits or our blood and rely on a variety of bugs for their sustenance.

A single bat can eliminate hundreds of flies, mosquitoes, and beetles daily, keeping your backyard free of these disease-carrying pests. Since most bats are nocturnal, you're not likely to run into a bat around your property, but if you do, they are easy to identify. The species of bats in our part of the state are primarily brown or black, with large ears, hairy bodies, and big wings.

Let's look at how do bats get in your house, what you can do to keep them from developing an interest, and what approach Rochester pest control professionals recommend for bat removal. Call RodentX Wildlife Control for bat control and removal. 

 Where Do Bats Like To Live?

Bats are almost entirely nocturnal (aside from a few species that spend most of their lives inside South American caves). They spend their nights hunting for bugs and the days hanging upside down in cool, dark places, recuperating and digesting their meals in their natural environment, which translates to hollows in wood and caves and, unfortunately, attics of our homes. An attic in an average house is a dark, safe place where bats, or their young, can spend the night without being intruded upon by the outside world.

 It Can Be Problematic If Bats Decide To Live On Your Property

While, in general, bats in Rochester benefit the environment and our properties by keeping the insect population down and pollinating plants, sharing your home with bats is not without danger or inconveniences. Here are things to be aware of:

  • If handled or trapped, bats will bite to get away.
  • Bat droppings will expose you to histoplasmosis.
  • A number of parasites, such as mites and bat bugs, can make their way into your home on bats.
  • Droppings, given enough time and the number of bats, can cause damage to your home.

In rare cases, a bat can carry rabies and transfer the diseases into your blood through a bite. Call RodentX Wildlife Control today to safeguard you and your family.

 How To Remove Factors That Attract Bats To Your Property

The strategy to keep bats away from your home relies on making it impossible for them to make their way in and getting rid of food sources that attract them to the area. Practice these preventive measures:

  • Put mesh on attic vents
  • Seal holes in the outer walls
  • Cover chimneys with stainless mesh
  • Attach door sweeps to your doors
  • Keep the window and door screen in good shape

Ridding your home of a bat colony is a tricky task for a DIYer, and it's best to get a professional involved as soon as possible.

Call The Professionals For Safe And Effective Bat Control

At RodentX, Wildlife Control, we specialize in wildlife removal and exclusion, using time-tested humane methods to keep your home clear of unwanted intruders.

Sharing your home with bats, as beneficial and adorable as they are (they really are if seen up close), is not a good idea and can expose you and your family to several diseases and inconveniences. If your Rochester home feels like a medieval castle, complete with bats, give us a call for a free inspection and consultation today. We'll relocate the bats to a more suitable location, fix the damage they've caused and help you make your home impregnable to a future bat infestation.

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