What To Do About Rats In Your Rochester Home

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Rats are very troublesome rodents larger than mice that will easily adapt to most environments. The Norway rats and the roof rat are the two most common species that plague homeowners. As omnivores, rats will adjust their diet to their environment and commonly feed on food scraps that humans discard in the trash. Rats are generally social creatures that remain most active at night. 

How to get rid of rats in the house? Consider speaking with a local rodent control company like RodentX Wildlife Control for assistance with these dangerous creatures. An experienced Rochester rodent control professional understands the behavior of the various kinds of rats that invade homes in this region. After using a proven treatment method for expelling any existing rats, a rodent control specialist will also implement rat prevention measures that address any conditions on the premises that make it vulnerable to future rodent invasions. 

How To Tell If It’s Rats Lurking Around Your House

Many residents need to be made aware of the signs of rats in attics, basements, or crawlspaces. In many cases, property owners will hear rats scurrying through these parts of a home—particularly at night when all is otherwise quiet.

Look for any trails of rat excrement or damage to insulation and similar materials used for building nests. You can also keep an eye out for any signs of gnawing both in stored food and on furniture.

Rats In Your Home Is A Serious Health Hazard

What are some of the most harmful diseases rats carry? Rats in Rochester routinely travel through areas of garbage and filth and may carry ticks and other noxious parasites that create potential health risks. People face risks of disease through any direct exposure to infected rats, such as enduring a scratch or bite or consuming foods previously contaminated by these rodents. Some of the health risks that rats pose include hantavirus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and rat-bite fever. 

How Rats Find Their Way Into Your Home

The types of rats that exist in outdoor settings near your home act as opportunistic scavengers that will move indoors when possible. Some of the most likely points of entry include: 

  • Cracks or holes sometimes develop around the property’s exterior near the foundation that allows passage. 
  • Rats often travel through underground sewer lines and might emerge through dirt floors, holes in concrete basement floors, basement floor drains, or toilet bowls. 
  • Roof rats will climb up trees and shrubs near homes, gain access to the roof, find points of entry created by roof damage or uncovered vents, and enter attics. 
  • Gaps large enough for access often exist around the utility line pass-throughs entering a home. 

Property owners should perform regular maintenance, which begins with inspecting the exterior areas of their homes for any damage that needs repairing. 

Contact The Pros For The Safe Removal Of A Rat Infestation

Homeowners in Rochester who suspect the presence of rats or other rodents indoors should promptly contact RodentX Wildlife Control regarding a detailed property inspection and infestation removal. We will quickly determine the nature and extent of the intrusion and identify the likely points of entry. 

Unfortunately, those who endure a significant infestation involving rats might have lingering problems that affect contaminated surfaces or damaged materials within the home. For this reason, the professionals with RodentX Wildlife Control offer a comprehensive array of post-treatment services that eliminate health risks, address damage, and substantially reduce the likelihood of experiencing another rodent intrusion. For example, our technicians will replace soiled insulation or broken ceiling tiles.

As a truly full-service provider, our experts will assist homeowners in Rochester with many other types of bothersome creatures beyond only rats. Some of the other critters that we handle include raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and other unwanted wildlife pests. Contact our team today for a complete solution that includes inspection, removal, prevention, and maintenance.

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