The Dangers Of Opossum Infestations: Why Professional Opossum Control Is Important In Rochester

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Opossum infestations in Rochester are relatively common but can pose significant dangers. These nuisance animals can carry diseases, cause property damage, and exhibit aggressive behavior when cornered, making wildlife control necessary in most cases.

If one or more have made their way onto your property, it is time to learn more about their traits and patterns, get educated on the consequences of opossum infestations, and discover proactive prevention strategies. With these wild invaders, expert assistance is the best way to go. Get started today with safe and effective pest control in Rochester with RodentX Wildlife Control.

Opossum Behavior And Habits: Understanding Their Traits And Patterns

Opossums in Rochester are unique marsupials that are common around the area. Understanding their behavior and habits is essential to coexist with them while keeping them out of our yards. They are primarily nocturnal creatures that can thrive in both rural and suburban areas.

Because they are opportunistic omnivores, their diet can include anything from fruits and insects to small animals and garbage. As scavengers, they play an essential role in cleaning up the environment.

When threatened, they often "play dead" or "play possum" by lying still with their eyes closed, tongue hanging out, and emitting a foul odor. This unique defense mechanism is an involuntary and helpful response to stress or danger.

They are skilled climbers that can live up high in trees, using their tails to balance, but they can also create dens in tree hollows and brush piles or if needed, our homes.

While opossums are generally docile, they can become aggressive if cornered. Then, they may hiss, bare their teeth, or even bite. They can also transmit diseases and cause property damage. 

Health Risks And Property Damage: Consequences Of Opossum Infestations

Opossum infestations can lead to many health risks and property damage. Here are some of the main problems you can avoid with prompt opossum pest control strategies:

  • Opossums carry diseases: No one wants to get leptospira and tuberculosis or parasites like fleas and ticks. Unfortunately, these scavengers can transmit them to humans and pets through direct contact or contaminated food and water.
  • Opossums cause property damage: Their destructive behavior can wreak havoc on gardens and plants. They can also damage your home by creating dens inside, causing structural issues and potential fire hazards.
  • Opossums rummage through garbage: This habit can lead to unsanitary conditions on your property, including the spread of pathogens and additional pest infestations. They can also damage fences and insulation with their strong claws.

One practical way to prevent re-infestations after treatment is to implement proactive opossum control methods.

Proactive Opossum Prevention Strategies: Safeguarding Your Property

These proactive opossum prevention strategies can protect your property from infestations and potential damage:

  • Secure entry points: Ensure that everywhere from chimneys to crawl spaces, have proper screens or covers to prevent opossum entry. 
  • Remove attractants: Food sources are known to attract opossums, but these invaders aren't picky. Keep trash cans securely covered, remove fallen fruits or bird feeders that can entice them, and limit access to pet food by feeding your four-legged friends indoors and promptly cleaning up leftovers.
  • Trim vegetation: Long tree branches can provide easy access to your roof, and opossums are skilled climbers. Cut any foliage that they can use as bridges.
  • Install fencing: Sturdy fences that extend underground can prevent lawn pests from burrowing.
  • Upgrade outdoor lighting: Opossums are nocturnal and prefer dark areas; well-lit surroundings may deter them. Motion-activated lights are a great option to consider.

These proactive measures can significantly reduce the risk of opossum infestations and protect your property, but if they are not enough, assistance from wildlife experts is often necessary to keep opossums away from your Rochester home.

Professional Opossum Control Services: Why Choose Expert Assistance

Professional opossum control is often crucial for effective removal. At RodentX Wildlife Control, we have trained specialists with extensive knowledge and experience dealing with wildlife in Rochester.

Opossums can be defensive and even aggressive when cornered. Still, you can minimize the chances of injury or disease transmission by staying away from these pests and letting us do the work using the proper equipment.

Call us today to get started and learn more about our residential and commercial wildlife control services in Rochester.

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