Skunks In Rochester; Not As Friendly As You May Think

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There are many wild animals that cause trouble for property owners across Rochester. Some cause trouble in secluded ways by tunneling under yards or digging through trash cans at night. Other wildlife pests are much more obvious with the problems they cause. These include skunks. It is hard to ignore them, even when you cannot see them. To help you better understand skunks and how to deal with them on your Rochester property, keep reading. For immediate assistance with an active problem with these skunks, get our team involved. RodentX Wildlife Control is a premier option for wildlife control in Rochester. We are ready to handle your wildlife control needs.

Habits And Behaviors Of Common Urban Skunks

There is a lot you might not know about skunks. To test your knowledge, here are five habits and behaviors that these skunks are known for.

See how many you know.

  1. Skunks are nocturnal. This means they are active mostly at night.
  2. Skunks are not communal creatures during most of the year but become communal during the winter when they hibernate in cozy dens together.
  3. A skunk will spray a foul odor from a gland underneath their tail. They might stomp their feet a few times before making this attack.
  4. Skunks are omnivorous. This means they eat both meat and vegetation. Sometimes this leads to problems on properties.
  5. Female skunks give birth once a year and have a gestation period of about two months. Each litter has anywhere from two to ten kits (baby skunks).

The biggest thing you should know about skunks is that they do not belong on your property. We will talk more about skunk control in just a bit.

Skunks Around Your Home Can Be Worse Than Just Stinky

We all know that skunks stink, sometimes literally. The question is, is a spray of foul, oily, fluid the only thing to worry about with these wildlife pests? Absolutely not!  These local wildlife pests are responsible for other problems like property damage and the spread of diseases. They damage gardens with their eating habits, burrow tunnels under buildings and sheds, and occasionally find ways to break into homes and outbuildings. As for diseases, skunks carry fleas and ticks onto properties. These small parasitic pests can carry sickness with their bites and are likely to hop off wildlife and onto pets or crawl indoors on their own.

How To Remove Factors That Attract Skunks To Your Yard

Before we talk about professional skunk control in Rochester, we think you should know some DIY options to deter skunks. Here are a few strategies to start with to stop attracting these skunks to your property.

  • Reduce clutter around your yard.
  • Make sure your trash cans have tight-fitting lids.
  • Do not feed pets outdoors.
  • Make sure sheds, garages, and other outbuildings are well sealed. 
  • Fill in holes and newly forming dens on your property. Make sure no skunks are home when you do this.

The best way to deal with an active skunk problem is with wildlife control in Rochester. For fast and reliable services, check out our team's comprehensive plans.

Contact The Pros For Effective Skunk Removal And Control

Dealing with skunks is a dangerous task. To avoid smelling pungent for weeks, let our team help with these local wildlife pests. RodentX Wildlife Control is your premier option for all things rodent and residential wildlife control for skunks near you.

Call RodentX Wildlife Control now for more information about our skunk control services and find a time that works best for you to have us pay you a visit.

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