Say Goodbye To Pest Bird Problems: The Benefits Of Professional Bird Control In Penn Yan

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Hearing songbirds in your yard can be a lovely experience. They make your yard into a peaceful retreat that you want to spend time in. Unfortunately, the same things that lure songbirds to your yard can also attract pest birds to your property. The sooner you can deal with pests with the help of professional bird control in Penn Yan, the better off your home and your yard will be. 

Let’s take a look at what you can expect from professional bird control specialists and how they benefit your property.

Common Pest Birds: How To Identify The Culprit Invading Your Property

Before you can call a professional bird removal service, you’ll want to consider which types of birds you have on your property. The last thing you want to do is drive species beneficial to your plants away. In our area, pigeons and woodpeckers are two of the most problematic species homeowners have to deal with. 

Pigeons grow to 11 inches long and have gray, white, and black coloring. You’ll also notice vibrant red feet if you have pigeons on your property. These birds tend to nest anywhere that provides shelter and protects them from predators. These birds are mostly a nuisance and tend to create messes with their droppings.

Woodpeckers can do serious damage to your house. Their coloration varies based on the species, but you’ll typically see a combination of black and white feathers on their bodies. Males will also have red on their heads. Most woodpeckers grow between 7 and 15 inches long and have short legs. You’ll often hear them pecking at trees and wood siding on homes.

Regardless of the type of birds in Penn Yan creating issues on your property, seeking professional bird control near you can help keep them from becoming a major problem.

Safety Considerations: Protecting Your Environment From Pest Birds

Though these pests don’t usually represent a risk to your safety or well-being, they can still harm your property and diminish your home’s value. The best thing you can do is find ways to protect your environment from these pest birds. 

Are you trying to figure out where to start? Your local bird control experts are here to help. Take a look at the common food sources these common species seek. Both usually eat insects commonly found around homes, and the more insects on your property, the more likely you are to have a bird problem. 

Start by consulting your bird pest control team to see what the most common pest bird species eat in your area. Then, look for these insects around your property and in your yard. If you notice any, you’ll want to schedule a professional pest control appointment to get rid of those insects.

Proactive Steps For Bird Deterrence: Practical Tips To Prevent Birds

Though pigeons and woodpeckers can become a major nuisance, they’re relatively easy to discourage. You just need to know where to start. Here are a few prevention tips from your bird removal team to help:

  • Fill any holes in your house to make it harder for them to build a nest.
  • Keep garbage and trash in a dedicated and tightly sealed container at all times.
  • Don’t actively feed them.
  • Schedule regular pest control appointments to keep unwanted insects away from your house.

These tips should help you keep your yard free of unwanted pest birds.

Sound Solutions For Bird Control: Expert Services You Can Count On

If you’re trying to keep certain birds in Penn Yan from taking up residence in your yard, the best thing you can do is work with a professional wildlife control company. Contact the team at RodentX Wildlife Control today to schedule an appointment. Our experts will help you get rid of unwanted pest birds quickly so you can enjoy your property.

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