Safeguarding Your Rochester Home Against Birds This Fall

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Birds aren’t your typical household pests. Pigeons, woodpeckers, and other birds occasionally get into Rochester homes. Once they’re there, you need professional wildlife control in Rochester to get rid of them. RodentX Wildlife Control provides safe, humane removal and exclusion work for pest birds that keep your home and family safe. 

Why Bird Migration Can Lead To Their Presence Around Rochester Homes

Every year as the days get shorter and colder, birds leave their homes to find somewhere warmer to stay. Houses can be attractive to them because they provide shelter and likely have accessible food sources nearby. Birds will build nests on roofs and in chimneys. They might be in the attic if they can get inside your home. When unwanted birds get into homes, they’re called pest birds. They can cause issues around your home, and removing them is often a hassle. 

All The Problems Pest Birds Cause

Many species of birds can nest in and around Rochester homes, but pigeons and woodpeckers are the most common. Each has its own set of problems that they cause for Rochester homes. Pigeons can spread many diseases to humans. Their droppings can transmit histoplasmosis, which is a respiratory disease. Pigeons themselves may spread cryptococcosis, psittacosis, toxoplasmosis, and salmonellosis. They can also have fleas, lice, mites, and ticks. Pigeon droppings can cause slip-and-fall accidents and also damage buildings and statues.

Woodpeckers aren’t the disease carriers that pigeons are, but they cause other problems. These birds drum on surfaces, often seeking materials that resonate loudly. These include gutters, vents, metal siding, and pipes. Woodpeckers may drum several times a day for several days or weeks. The noise they create can be irritating and disruptive to your life. Drumming can also damage surfaces as woodpeckers repeatedly tap on them. Woodpeckers are most likely to attack wooden structures if they have an infestation of insects and seek out dead wood to excavate and nest in. This means your home may be less of a target, but woodpeckers occasionally drill into houses. 

As birds move around Rochester, you may want to consider your options for bird control methods so they don’t disrupt your life and cause harm to your family or your property. 

Steps You Can Take To Deter Birds This Fall

As you look into options for bird control, remember that some bird species are protected. For example, woodpeckers are classified as migratory nongame birds under the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Exclusion and removal methods must be humane so that protected and endangered species are not put at risk. Because of this, your best options for bird prevention involve making your home less attractive to birds. Try these tips for residential bird control and prevention:

  • Fill in or cover any holes in the walls of your house. Install mesh screens over vented areas and chimneys.
  • Cut back overgrowth and tree branches that hang over your roof.
  • Avoid leaving open spaces on flat surfaces so the birds don’t have anywhere to build a nest.
  • Make sure food and water are inaccessible to birds. Store all food, especially nuts, seeds, and grains, in solid containers and remove standing water from your property.

Despite your best efforts, birds still manage to get into your home. When that happens, you should contact a professional wildlife removal company to make sure the birds are removed from your home safely.

Why It’s Never Too Late To Call The Professionals For Bird Removal

At RodentX Wildlife Control, we don’t just get rid of mice and rats. We specialize in protecting Rochester homes from all kinds of wildlife. We pride ourselves on exclusively using humane traps and exclusion methods, never poisons or kill-traps. When you call us with a bird problem, we’ll send a trained team to your home. Our technicians will investigate the issue and find the best possible solution. We also provide sanitation work afterward to make sure your family is safe from the long-term effects of the infestation. If you need help with the birds in Rochester, call RodentX Wildlife Control today for safe removal services.

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