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Rochester hosts many different types of wildlife, and most of them are good for the environment and pleasant to watch. Rochester’s climate allows many wildlife types to flourish here. What isn’t pleasant to watch, however, is wildlife infesting your home. Once wildlife moves onto your property the problem can be very difficult to control. Many types of wildlife have high rates of reproduction, and infestations can grow from small to large very quickly.

When you need wildlife control in Rochester, RodentX Wildlife Control stands ready to help. Our seasoned wildlife experts know all about wildlife control in the area, and we can help you. Call us today.

Types Of Problematic Wildlife In Rochester

There are many different types of wildlife in the Rochester area, and all of them are known to infest homes. Mice and rats are found all over the United States and thrive in the Rochester area. Squirrels are also common wildlife pests, and they are particularly adapted for survival in urban areas. Raccoons are larger, but they are industrious and will explore everything around them. They are particularly good climbers for their size, and can easily get into eaves and rafters. Bats are nocturnal, meaning that they come out at night, and prefer to nest in quiet, dark places. If they find a way into your attic, they will move in promptly.

There are many different types of wildlife in the Rochester area, and all of them can cause you grief. RodentX Wildlife Control understands this, and we are the wildlife control company you want to call when wildlife pests become a problem. 

The Problems Wildlife Can Create Around Your Property

Here are some of the problems different wildlife pests can cause around your home and property:

  • Mice: These small pests tend to contaminate food stored inside your home.
  • Rats: Much larger than mice, these pests can cause considerable home damage.
  • Squirrels: These pests love eaves and attics, and can damage insulation.
  • Raccoons: These large pests can damage property and be aggressive.
  • Bats: These pests love living in dark areas. They are drawn to attics.

Each of these wildlife pests can bring different problems with them if they infest your home. If you need wildlife control, RodentX Wildlife Control can help. Drop us a line today to explore our inspection and treatment packages. You’ll be glad you did.

Five Easy And Effective Wildlife Prevention Tips

Wildlife can cause a lot of problems around your home. Given that, here are some wildlife prevention tips that can reduce your chances of having to deal with them:

  1. Tightly seal outside garbage. Exposed garbage is a huge draw for wildlife.
  2. Clean up clutter. Wildlife will explore clutter, and some will nest in it.
  3. Seal your home. Wildlife will exploit easy ways to come inside.
  4. Seal inside food. Wildlife is often drawn to easily available food inside your home.
  5. Keep a clean house. Dirty houses can be very attractive to wildlife pests.

These tips can help minimize your chances of having to deal with wildlife pests around your home, but can’t guarantee you that they still won’t come. If they do, just remember that RodentX Wildlife Control specializes in wildlife removal. A call to us is all it takes to get wildlife pests under control. 

Total Wildlife Control For Rochester Homes

Different types of wildlife can cause different types of damage around your property and home, and each of them have to be addressed in different ways. DIY wildlife control techniques can be expensive and ineffective, leaving you frustrated. RodentX Wildlife Control experts know how to handle any of the wildlife you may encounter in the area, and we stand ready to assist you. Call us today for help with local wildlife removal.

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