Rats Or Mice: Which Is Worse To Have In Your Rochester Home?

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Having any pests indoors is something to be worried about. Having rats or mice indoors is even more of a concern. The question is, which one of these local rodents is worse? We will break down the problems that rats and mice cause today and find out which is worse here in Rochester. Contact our team at RodentX Wildlife Control if you want to learn about our rodent control options. We will be happy to share with you what rodent pest control in Rochester looks like and find a quick answer to problems you are facing inside your home.     

What's The Difference Between Rats And Mice?

Rats and mice in Rochester have many things in common. They both break into homes by squeezing through gaps and cracks or making their own way in, and they both cause the same types of problems. The main difference between these pests is their size. Rats are over twice the size of mice and have plump bodies. Mice are small and round. Rats also have much stronger teeth and can chew through materials like aluminum and soft concrete. Keeping all of this in mind, mice generally have an easier time getting into local homes because of their smaller size.

Which Is More Dangerous: Rats Or Mice?

The argument of whether mice or rats in Rochester are more dangerous is a tricky one. Both pests can spread the same types of diseases and are equally likely to bite when trapped or threatened. They also both carry fleas and ticks into homes. What sets these pests apart from other rodents is their ability to invade and cause trouble. Because mice are more common, they tend to be responsible for more instances of harm to humans and pets; however, this is purely speculative, and one can't truly measure the statistical differences. You need to know that both of these common rodents will cause trouble if given a chance.

Which Is Harder To Get Rid Of: Rats Or Mice?

There are a few things that make rats and mice more or less difficult to control. For instance, mice reproduce faster, so keeping up with population growth using traditional rodent control means like snap traps and rodenticides can be difficult. Rats also reproduce quickly, but not at the same rate. The one thing that makes controlling both of these pests challenging is their intelligence. Both rats and mice can identify when a situation is dangerous and adapt to avoid areas where they see their friends suffer harm. If you do not know what methods best combat infestations indoors, you will find it equally difficult to deal with an infestation of either of these invasive species. What is important is that you know we are here to help. Our team at RodentX Wildlife Control understands how to identify rodents and what methods work to quickly remove both rats and mice from homes in Rochester. All you need to do is talk with our team. 

Professional Rodent Control Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Mice Or Rats

Hiring a wildlife control professional is a good idea with many things in life, including rodent control. Because these pests are dangerous and difficult to eliminate, it is important to bring our team of technicians in to deal with the problems you are facing. Although the debate on which is worse, mice or rats, may not be fully answered, we can solve one thing for you. We can remove different kinds of rodents from your property and help make sure they do not come back in the future. If that is what you want, start a conversation with one of our team members today.

Contact RodentX Wildlife Control today to learn more about our control methods and find a solution to wild rodents here in Rochester.

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