Raccoon Removal Services: Safeguarding Your Elmira Property From Raccoon Intrusions

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Raccoons are pests that are often mistakenly assumed to be types of rodents. Despite some similarities, raccoons are mammals that are primarily nocturnal, usually measure two to three feet long, and may weigh as much as twenty pounds. Raccoons have a distinctive appearance with their white and black fur, bushy tails, and unique “mask-like” facial markings.

Are you a local resident who is experiencing difficulties with raccoons on your property? The best course of action involves speaking with a specialist regarding proper raccoon removal in Elmira, which you will know will be performed safely and humanely. A qualified Elmira pest control company maintains a proficient staff of local technicians who receive high-quality training and have some of the latest equipment needed to get the job done.

The Behavior And Habits Of Raccoons: Understanding Their Patterns

Many residents of Elmira remain unaware of the common indicators that suggest raccoon activity. What are some of the common behaviors that raccoons exhibit in residential environments?

Raccoons are surprisingly agile creatures that are well-equipped for climbing; this is not surprising, as raccoons often reside in hollow trees. Using their “fingers” and claws, raccoons can easily navigate a variety of surfaces and will use their strong rear legs for stability.

Like many other animals, raccoons will effectively use their tails to maintain their balance. Raccoons might access the upper areas of a home by climbing up trees that are positioned close to the structure. Although somewhat less likely, raccoons may also climb exterior surfaces composed of siding, wood, or brick and reach the roof.

Traditionally, raccoons have remained most prevalent in wooded areas, particularly near streams, rivers, or other water sources. Raccoons have increasingly demonstrated their adaptability in residential and often urban landscapes, primarily relying on access to food scraps contained in the trash, pet food, bird feeders, and more.

Professionals that perform residential raccoon control services understand how raccoons behave in neighborhood settings, which allows them a tremendous advantage in safely and effectively removing them from properties.

Raccoon Damage: Identifying The Effects Of Raccoon Activity

What are some of the most common ways that raccoons damage property? In some instances, raccoons access the roof and identify minor areas of damage that they will expand (worsen), including vents, soffits, or shingles. Once they infiltrate exterior surfaces, raccoons will create further property damage and contaminate them with their waste.

Some interior property rummaging raccoons will damage include insulation, heating and cooling system components, and drywall. Further, raccoons may damage electrical wiring and create fire risks.

Aside from property damage, raccoons are among the leading carriers of rabies, a dangerous viral disease that may attack the nervous system. Raccoons also often carry harmful parasites that they may introduce to your home.

Because of these risks, contacting a professional provider of raccoon control near you is the recommended solution. A local raccoon exterminator understands the best means of removing these undesirable creatures from your home.

Raccoon Prevention Tips: How To Protect Your Property

What are some of the most effective methods of preventing raccoons from invading your Elmira home? Consider these preventative measures:

  • All trash bags containing scraps of food must be placed inside garbage receptacles with functional lids that will prevent entry.
  • Never place pet food bowls on decks, patios, or other outdoor areas.
  • Seal any openings that develop around the exterior of the structure using durable materials.
  • Prevent standing water by filling in ground holes, fixing leaky spigots, and removing objects that hold rainwater.

These tips represent viable ways of preventing and deterring bothersome raccoons on your Elmira property. However, because raccoons are creatures that commonly reside in natural, outdoor settings, even the best preventative efforts might not keep all of these scavengers away from your residence. A professional raccoon pest control company recognizes the importance of handling situations safely and operating in a manner that ensures the safety of humans, their pets, and the local ecosystem. 

Professional Raccoon Control: Ensuring Ethical And Effective Removal

Are raccoons a problem on your property? Consult with a local provider of residential wildlife control services for assistance.

RodentX Wildlife Control offers professional Elmira wildlife removal services for homeowners. Our locally-owned organization takes pride in providing top-quality solutions for property owners struggling with raccoons that pose health risks for families and often cause extensive property damage.

After removing these critters, we offer repair and remediation services such as replacing insulation, repairing walls, and sealing areas of damaged concrete. For further details, contact our office today.

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