Mouse Control 101: An Identification And Control Guide For Rochester Homes

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Mice are troublesome types of rodents that commonly enter homes seeking food or shelter. Some of the most common types that local property encounters include the house mouse, deer mouse, or white-footed mouse. Mice act as scavengers and will consume a wide variety of foods, including seeds, fruits, grains, or meats. 

Have you heard or seen mice inside your home? In many instances, consulting with a qualified rodent control company is the best way of responding to these types of problems. A properly trained Rochester rodent control professional understands the behavior of the different types of mice that enter homes in this region and know how to get rid of mouse infestations completely. 

Easy-To-Spot Signs Of A Mouse Infestation

Many local property owners need to be aware of the various signs of mice activity. Some of the most common indicators include the following: 

  • As largely nocturnal pests, many individuals will first hear mice at night as they scamper across floors, inside walls, or in basement or attic areas. 
  • Often, homeowners will open pantries, cupboards, or other storage areas containing types of dried foods and notice that hungry mice have infiltrated weakly packaged goods such as cereal, oats, or pasta.  
  • As mice travel through a home, they will leave a trail of droppings, and foul odors will develop. 
  • Once inside a home, mice often begin constructing nests; therefore, homeowners will notice damaged and scattered materials such as paper products, insulation, or fabric. 
  • Pets like cats or dogs have a sharp sense of smell and will often behave unusually when mice hide in walls, behind furniture, or below appliances.

In some cases, mice activity will remain undetected for days or weeks after an intrusion, as mice are generally fearful of humans and will usually remain hidden during daytime hours when occupants of a home are active. 

The Dangerous Diseases Mice Are Known To Spread

What are some of the most common diseases mice carry? Some of the health risks associated with mice include hantavirus, leptospirosis, tularemia, and a host of other potentially dangerous concerns. Keep in mind that mice pose risks to pets as well as humans. 

Because of their habit of chewing on objects, mice could represent a fire hazard if they gain access to areas of electrical wiring located within your home. 

How And Why Mice Find Their Way Into Your Home

Because of their small size, mice will enter a structure through small openings. Some of the most common points of entry include gaps around exterior doors or windows, cracks that develop around the base of a structure, or openings where utility lines enter the home. 

As with most rodents, mice in Rochester venture indoors looking for food or water sources. During the colder months of the year, mice also might invade a home seeking warmth. 

Mouse Control Is Best Left To The Professionals 

The team of rodent control professionals with RodentX Wildlife Control understands the best ways of getting rid of mice and knows how to keep mice away from the premises. As a truly comprehensive service provider, we also deliver high-quality outcomes for customers in the Rochester area struggling with other kinds of rodents, such as rats, squirrels, and opossums. 

After contacting our experts, we will deploy a qualified technician for a detailed property assessment. Upon arrival, we will conduct an inspection of both the interior and exterior areas of the home, looking for points of entry, nesting sites, and much more. Once our assessment is complete, we will explain the best treatment options and answer any questions that may arise. 

Keep in mind that we strive for complete customer satisfaction. Contact us today for a consultation.

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