Is It Dangerous To Have Opossums In Your Yard In Rochester?

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Opossums are scary-looking animals that can be a huge problem. These sneaky scavengers will creep into your yard and might knock over your trash cans and other objects in your yard while looking for food. 

Although these animals don't like to get near humans, they can be extremely dangerous to have around. If you see opossums around your yard, you should not try to remove them yourself. Instead, you need to call a professional Rochester pest control company that specializes in wildlife removal. At RodentX Wildlife Control, we know how you can safely get rid of opossums around your property. 

What Kind Of Animals Are Opossums?

Many people think that opossums are a type of rodent. However, they are actually a type of marsupial and are more closely related to a kangaroo than a rat.

The opossum in Rochester has a very distinctive appearance. Its thick body is about 15 inches long and covered in white, gray, and light-brown fur. They have long, slender muzzles, pointed ears, and sharp teeth. They also have long, scaly tales that can measure anywhere from nine to 20 inches long. 

Like all marsupials, mother opossums have a pouch on their abdomens where their babies spend the first two months. When the babies reach two months old, they are sometimes found riding on their mother's back. 

Are Opossums Dangerous?

Opossums may look intimidating, but they really don't like to be around people. Sometimes, if an opossum feels cornered or threatened, it will show its sharp teeth in hopes of scaring the threat away. If that doesn't work, they will play dead and stay that way until the threat loses interest and goes away. 

While these animals are not known to be aggressive toward humans, they are still not considered harmless. They can carry and spread a wide range of diseases and viruses, which can include:

  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Leptospirosis
  • Tularemia
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Tuberculosis
  • Coccidiosis

If you accidentally touch an area with the opossum's droppings or urine, you may catch some of these diseases, which is why opossum pest control is important. Opossums are also known to be infested with ticks and fleas. If they are roaming around on your property, you could also have fleas and ticks invade your property.

What Attracts Opossums To A Yard?

Opossums are attracted to any area that has an abundance of food available. These animals are not too picky when it comes to finding their next meal. Some of the things that could be attracting opossums to your yard might include:

  • Keeping the lid off of your outdoor trash cans
  • Leaving food or drinks outside
  • Leaving your pet's food and water dish outside all day and night
  • Fruit left on the ground after falling off a fruit tree

Opossums will also eat a variety of other pests, which include roaches, mice, crickets, and beetles. If you see several opossums around your home, it could mean that you also have an insect or rodent infestation in your home as well. 

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Opossums?

It is dangerous to try and remove opossums on your own. While they are not known to be aggressive, they can carry a wide range of diseases, which is why you should never try to touch one. If you want an easy and safe way to get rid of opossums on your Rochester property, give us a call today. At RodentX Wildlife Control, we use the latest wildlife control methods to ensure they are eliminated and cannot come back. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection!

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