How Worried Should I Be About Raccoons Around My Rochester Home?

raccoon hiding in support beams

Raccoons have become notorious among city homeowners for their intelligence and resourcefulness. These annoying pests display a number of behaviors that can make them hard to get rid of. While some people see raccoons as just an occasional nuisance, the truth is that these wildlife pests are capable of causing a lot of trouble if you don’t rein them in.

In this article, we’ll answer some key questions about raccoon removal in Rochester, New York. We’ll talk about why garbage draws raccoons and why they frequent urban areas more and more, whether it’s dangerous to have raccoons around your home, and how to prevent these pests from making their home in your yard. Finally, we’ll discuss how you can quickly and efficiently get rid of these pests with help from our team at RodentX Wildlife Control.

Why Do Raccoons Like To Get In The Trash? 

Raccoons in Rochester are nocturnal mammals, meaning that they are warm-blooded and tend to be most active at night. They are also omnivores – they will probably eat it if it can be eaten. In addition to plants and animals, such as fruits, vegetables, berries, fish, frogs, mice, and rabbits, raccoons do eat garbage. Any food thrown away by humans could be a meal for a raccoon if it can get into the trash can in question. Raccoon populations have been growing in and around urban areas since the abundance of garbage in these areas provides more food than they can eat. Trash offers raccoons a quick and easy meal that they don’t have to spend a long time scavenging for or chasing down. 

In the next section, we’ll discuss why you’ll want to remove raccoons who get into your yard as quickly as possible.

Is It Dangerous To Have Raccoons Around My Property? 

Raccoons generally aren’t thought of as dangerous animals, but the truth is that they do pose real threats to your health and safety. The most obvious of these is rabies, a disease that affects the brain and nervous system and is almost guaranteed to result in death if not treated quickly. Raccoons can also cause significant property damage, whether by tearing through shingles or boards or by trying to make their nests in chimneys or attics. Effective raccoon control helps you prevent these outcomes.

How Can I Prevent Raccoons From Coming Around My Yard? 

Now that you know about some of the risks these wildlife pests pose to your property and your safety, let’s talk about what you can do to keep them away. Here are a few practical raccoon control methods you can use: 

  • Install coverings or mesh over chimneys and other openings that raccoons could use to access your home.
  • Store trash in a contained area, like a locked shed or outhouse.
  • Get rid of piles of debris, such as brush and leaves that could serve as hiding spots for raccoons.
  • Remove bird feeders and bird baths since they can serve as food sources for raccoons. 

These tips should help you keep raccoons away from your property more effectively. If you’re dealing with a raccoon infestation and need assistance, your best option is to contact a professional raccoon control company.

What’s The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Raccoon Problem? 

When you need to residential wildlife control in Rochester, you can always count on RodentX Wildlife Control. We’ve been offering humane raccoon removal services to homeowners in the area for years. We’re a local, family-owned company that goes above and beyond by offering free inspections and emergency and same-day services whenever possible. Contact RodentX Wildlife Control today for more information.

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