How To Keep Opossums Away From Your Rochester Property

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Opossums are a unique pest in the United States. They are the only marsupial found in North America, and dealing with them requires some knowledge of their habits and tendencies. Opossum control can be a hassle for Rochester homeowners, but there are ways to deal with them.

This article will give you the information you need to handle these pests. We’ll start by looking at the diet and general lifestyle of the average opossum. Then we’ll cover the issues that opossums can cause when they’re loose in your yard. Finally, we’ll give you some practical suggestions to help you make your yard less attractive to these pests. Pest control in Rochester is best handled by the professionals at RodentX Wildlife Control.

The Lifestyle And Diet Of The Opossum

As with any kind of wildlife pest control, it’s crucial that you first understand the pest you are dealing with so you know how to respond. Opossums are four-legged creatures in the marsupial family, meaning that they are related to kangaroos. However, they are fortunately much slower and smaller than a kangaroo, usually only reaching about 40 inches long. They are comparable in size to most house cats. Their hair is usually white or gray, and they have hairless tails and long, pointed snouts.

Like kangaroos, females have a pouch for holding their young on their stomachs. Opossums are nocturnal, meaning that they are most active at night. Though they are technically omnivores and can eat anything from garbage to pet food to other animals, they seem to mostly prefer insects and plants such as fruit or grains. If it isn’t breeding season, opossums tend to live alone. Next, we’ll discuss another vital component of opossum control in Rochester; the potential dangers of having opossums in your yard.

Why Opossums In Your Yard Can Be A Issue

One of the most dangerous things about opossums is the many diseases that they carry. Tuberculosis is one of the most common, as well as rabbit fever and leptospirosis, which is a bacterial disease that can be fatal if untreated.

Opossums can also easily become infested with fleas and other similar pests. While it’s fairly rare for opossums to carry rabies, it’s not unheard of. They can also cause a lot of damage to lawns and gardens when they dig for food. Now let’s take a look at some helpful opossum control methods for homeowners.

Practical Tips To Prevent Opossums Around Your Property

As we’ve discussed above, opossums in Rochester can create numerous issues if they aren’t dealt with. But how do you deter opossums from invading your yard?

Here are a few opossum pest control tips: 

  • Make sure to store garbage in sealed, animal-proof containers.
  • Don’t leave pet food dishes outside at night.
  • Trim branches that grow too close to the roof of your house.
  • Get rid of any sources of shelter for opossums, such as piles of leaves and other debris

These tips should help you keep opossums away from your yard, but what do you do when you already have an infestation on your hands? Calling a professional pest control company like RodentX Wildlife Control is usually your best resource in these cases.

Contact The Wildlife Experts For The Best Opossum Control

If you find yourself in need of professional wildlife removal services in Rochester, NY, RodentX Wildlife Control is the company you should call. We are a local company with years of experience helping homeowners in Western and Central New York.

We specialize in wildlife removal, including opossums, so you can count on us to take care of the problem quickly and safely. We offer free inspections, so don’t hesitate; contact RodentX Wildlife Control today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial wildlife services in Rochester.

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