How To Handle Skunks In Rochester

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Anyone who has ever let their dog out at night only to discover that it had a close encounter with a skunk while outside will tell you that it is one of the worst experiences to go through. The scent of a skunk is one that lingers long after it is first released, and it can even be so bad that you end up having to throw out furniture or other items that you simply can’t get free of the smell.

While a random meeting with a skunk is bad enough, imagine if a skunk decided to set up its home on your property. Instead of a one-time encounter, you’d now have to worry every time you stepped outside if this would be the time that the skunk would spray you. Although skunks prefer to keep their distance from humans, they sometimes move too close for comfort. When that happens, you need local skunk control from a company specializing in wildlife control and removal. The best pest control in Rochester is available from RodentX. Our wildlife experts know the most effective ways to solve your skunk problems.

Why Skunks Can Be A Problem For Rochester Residents

While skunks are best known for their stinky spray, that’s not the only thing you need to worry about if they get onto your Rochester property. Skunks often move into properties for shelter, which they’ll often create under your house or deck. Not only is this disruptive to the area where they choose to burrow, but it can also cause structural damage to your home.

Skunks in Rochester can ruin your lawn by digging for grubs to eat. Although they are not typically a danger to humans’ health or safety, they have been known to carry rabies, so it’s best if you don’t come in direct contact with a skunk. 

What Attracts Skunks To Certain Properties?

There are a variety of reasons why skunks might show up on your Rochester property. Any wildlife expert will tell you that animals often come around while looking for food. Although skunks mainly eat small rodents and insects, they are also animals of opportunity. If you leave your trash outside where it is easily accessible or if you keep pet food outdoors, skunks are likely to eat it.

Skunks may also be attracted to your property because it offers shelter. Any area where they can build a shelter, from inside a wood pile to an open space under your deck, will be appealing to skunks.

How To Reduce Your Risk For Skunk Activity

Controlling nuisance skunks around your yard requires you to take the time to identify the things that might be attracting them. You can then remove or repair those things so that skunks will be less likely to choose your property as a place to hang out. 

First, eliminate outdoor food sources. Keep your trash in sealed containers. Keep pet food indoors. Minimize pests on your property with a good wildlife pest control program. 

Next, check around your house to identify any spots skunks could use for their burrow. Openings in or under your crawl space or deck, wood piles, and rock walls all offer an area that skunks might find appealing to build their home.

Why Skunk Removal Should Be Left To The Professionals

If you’ve ever tried to use over-the-counter skunk control products, you probably weren’t very successful. Skunk control in Rochester can be a difficult job, and it’s one that is best left to the professionals. The last thing you want is to get sprayed while trying to take care of the problem, and you also want to be careful not to put the skunk through any unnecessary stress or harm. For a skunk control service that is safe and effective, you need RodentX. Contact us today.

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