How To Get Rid Of Mice For Good In Your Rochester Home

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Mice can be a problem during any part of the year, but the chances of them entering your home increase as we head toward fall and winter. These little rodents can cause significant issues when they move in and can be challenging to evict. This blog will explain how to get rid of these pests once and for all.

We’ll explain how to identify mice and review the problems they can create when they nest inside your home. We’ll also provide tips on identifying and removing factors on your property that may attract mice. Learn more about achieving effective rodent control in Rochester with the experts at RodentX Wildlife Control.

How To Identify A Mouse

Two types of mice invade local homes, deer mice and house mice. Deer mice are brown with white undersides and feet, and their tails are half brown and half white. House mice are light brown to dusty gray with cream bellies and are the most common mice to find inside homes.

Because mice are nocturnal, you may not catch sight of one. Watch for signs, including damaged food packages, droppings, or gnaw marks that point to an infestation. If you see any signs of mice, or the rodents themselves, contact us at RodentX Wildlife Control for assistance removing them.

The Many Problems Mice Can Create In A Home

Mice in the house create a risk to your family and your home. The following list explains some of the many problems mice can cause:

  • Dried mouse droppings can trigger allergies and asthma flare-ups.
  • Micro droplets of mouse urine can cause children to have allergy symptoms.
  • Mice contaminate stored food and cooking surfaces.
  • Mice can spread diseases such as hantavirus, leptospirosis, and tularemia.
  • Mice in the walls and attic can chew wiring, creating a potential fire hazard and contaminating the insulation with their waste. 

The sooner you get rid of mice in the house, the safer everyone will be. Contact us today at RodentX Wildlife Control for assistance in eliminating mice and preventing another infestation. 

How To Identify And Remove Factors That Attract Mice

Certain factors around your property can catch the attention of mice and increase the chances of them invading your home. Mice typically enter structures while searching for food, water, or shelter, but removing their access to these necessities can help to protect your home.

Here are some expert tips to help keep mice out of the house:

  • Use steel wool or caulk to seal holes around the outside of your home that are larger than 1/4 of an inch wide.
  • Inspect the foundation and basement windows and repair any loose mortar or damaged weatherstripping.
  • Keep bushes and tree branches trimmed back away from the house.
  • Avoid storing your bird or pet food in outbuildings or garages.
  • Make sure your home and storage areas stay clean and dry.

Collaborating your efforts with a professional company gives you the best chance of successfully keeping mice out. Contact us today at RodentX Wildlife Control to learn more about our mouse prevention and removal services or to schedule your free inspection.

The Best Way To Get The Mice Out Of Your House For Good

Mice are clever rodents that often find a way inside despite your best efforts at prevention. Teaming up with the pros at RodentX Wildlife Control can help to ensure these pests stay out of your house for good. Contact us today for assistance with mouse removal or prevention, and protect your family and home from the potential hazards of a mouse infestation.

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