How To Deter Pest Birds Around Your Rochester Property

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Few people would suspect that birds could be a nuisance and hazard to your Rochester property. However, birds such as pigeons and sparrows can create some real havoc. So what do you do when birds are hanging around your home? How do you control birds in your yard? 

Thankfully, we lay out some tips and tricks for deterring them from your property. We also go over the different types of pest birds common to Rochester, how they can create problems on your property, and why hiring wildlife control in Rochester is the most effective way to implement bird control.

Types Of Pest Birds Common To The Area

There are plenty of different birds native to Western New York. However, not all birds are pest birds. Pest birds are those prone to hanging around your property and causing damage. Some pest birds that are common to Rochester include:

  • Pigeons
  • Starlings
  • Sparrows

These birds are the main ones to look out for when dealing with bird problems on your property. 

All The Problems Pest Birds Can Create Around Your Property

Birds are wonderful creatures and a vital part of our ecosystem, but you must control pest birds because they can create some serious problems around your property. 

One of these problems is that pest birds can find a way into your house, garage, or barn and make a home for themselves there. These are predominantly female birds, as they need a safe and warm place to lay their eggs and feed the baby birds once they hatch. While some may find that having a mama bird and babies in their home is cute, it can also be quite a hazard for the birds as they are exposing themselves to anything happening in your home. 

Beyond safety, birds can also cause some notable property damage. Blocking ventilation ducts is one way birds get in the way and can even lead to a fire. In addition, like most pests, birds are known to carry many diseases and parasites. These can spread to humans through their droppings, which could reach your water systems.

In addition, bird droppings tend to accumulate on roofs in particular and can cause severe roof damage. Their droppings are acidic, causing rust, so it’s imperative to inspect your roof often and maintain roof bird control.

Simple Tips To Deter Birds Around Your Property

Beyond hiring a professional, there are some DIY bird control methods that you can implement to prevent the issue from recurring. 

First, you can set up scarecrows around your property to help scare and intimidate the birds. You can also set up statues of bird predators like coyotes around your property to do the same thing. Setting up CDs or anything else that is reflective around your property also helps deter birds. Finally, many people utilize tall spikes on their roofs and gutters to keep birds from landing on their property entirely. If birds don’t have a solid or soft place to land, they will likely stay away.

The Most Effective Bird Control Solution For Your Property

While the above methods help deter birds from your property, they sometimes aren’t enough to keep them away entirely. They also take time and patience to implement. The best and most effective way to control birds on your property is to hire a bird control service near you, such as RodentX Wildlife Control. If you’re facing a bird control issue, don’t wait another day to reach out to us; we’re happy to provide you with the right solutions.

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