How Can I Tell If My Rochester Home Has Rodents?

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Wondering if you have rodents in your Rochester home is not the best feeling in the world. You know that rodents are common in our area and often infest homes, but you hope your house won’t be one of the unlucky ones that has to deal with an infestation. The reasons to avoid a rodent infestation are many. Rodents are damaging to your house and your belongings, they can contaminate your food and make your family sick, and it’s just uncomfortable to share a space with them. Knowing how to tell if you have rodents in your house is important because it helps you identify an infestation quickly so that you can take care of it as soon as possible with effective rodent control. If, after reading the information below, you discover that you do have rodents in your house, you can get the pest control in Rochester that you need from RodentX. We offer experienced, effective rodent control to eliminate your rodent problems.

Where Rodents Hide In Homes

Knowing where to look for rodents is essential if you need to determine if you have an active rodent infestation in your house. Backyard rodents can become house rodents when they find a way to get inside your house. Typically rodents come inside in search of shelter, food, or water. Once inside, they’ll look for a comfortable and safe place to spend the majority of their time. 

Rodents aren’t interested in being the center of attention. They are naturally cautious creatures, so you won’t typically see them in the middle of your kitchen, although it’s possible that you’ll catch one as it runs along the edge of your walls, looking for safety. Rodents most often hide in homes in the following areas:

  • It is very common to find rodents in your attic.
  • Rodents often spend time in garages.
  • Rodents can get into wall voids and spend their time there.
  • Rodents enjoy the warmth found behind and underneath large appliances.
  • Rodents may also be found in the clutter of a basement.

Typically rodents look for areas that are warm and sheltered. Any area that offers the ability to hide can work.

Five Common Warning Signs Of Rodent Activity

Not only do you need to know where to look for rodents, but you also need to know what signs to look for that will alert you to their presence. It doesn’t matter if they are little rodents or big rodents; all rodents leave behind some telltale signs that they’re in your house. Here are five common warning signs of rodent activity:

  1. Finding droppings in your cabinets or drawers. These will be dark and shaped like small grains of rice.
  2. Discovering jagged holes in food containers or in your pantry or cupboards.
  3. Hearing scratching or squeaking sounds in your walls or ceiling, especially during the night.
  4. Seeing greasy smudge marks along your baseboards.
  5. Finding water leaks or discovering electrical problems due to damaged pipes or electrical wires that have been chewed.

If you find any signs of a rodent infestation, you’ll want to take action right away to avoid allowing the problem to grow.

Why Rodents Are Tough To Treat Alone

Finding wild rodents in your house is just the first step in getting rid of the problem. Although you may be tempted to set a few traps and call it a day, you may want to think twice before trying to on your own. Rodents are smart and cautious, so they often avoid traps and anything else that seems suspicious to them. Even if you catch one or two rodents using this method, it is likely that there are many more hidden somewhere. Because rodents reproduce so rapidly, getting a handle on an infestation as soon as possible is important to avoid a large infestation. The best way to do that is with the help of RodentX.

How The Experts Handle Rodents In Rochester

For the best rodent control near you, you need RodentX. Our team of professionals not only knows the best ways to get rid of a rodent infestation in its entirety, but we also offer a variety of other services you may need to ensure the health and safety of your family and make sure that a new infestation doesn’t occur. These services include exclusion, repairs, sanitation services, and more. Contact us today to get rodents out of your house for good.

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