Groundhog Removal: What Every Rochester Property Owner Ought To Know

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The old saying "out of sight, out of mind" doesn't ring true with wildlife pests, especially groundhogs. These large rodents live and spend most of their time underground in tunnels and dens, but even there, they can cause extensive damage to your property. So how can Rochester residents rid themselves of such elusive creatures

The professional wildlife control team at RodentX Wildlife Control has helped many homes and business owners tackle unexpected groundhog problems, and we want to help you. So we've used our 20 years of experience to whip up this guide to groundhog infestations. Read on if you're struggling with a groundhog problem or simply educate yourself, and don't forget to call RodentX Wildlife Control for all of your Rochester wildlife control needs, big or small!

How To Identify A Groundhog

Being primarily underground rodentsmany homeowners haven't encountered one of these critters before. While they may look similar to other creatures, professionals need to use specific methods to remove them.

Here are some defining traits that set groundhogs apart:

  • They have plump builds bearing dark, ruddy fur. 
  • They grow over two feet long and boast long claws to aid their digging. 
  • They also have short tails.
  • The most noticeable feature of groundhogs is their teeth. Like all rodents, they have sharp incisors that continually grow. Chewing helps wear them down to a manageable size.

If you need help identifying groundhogs any wildlife spotted on your property, don't hesitate to call RodentX Wildlife Control! Once we know what type of animal you're dealing with, we'll work on a plan to get you back to a groundhog-free life.

Why Groundhogs Can Be Problematic For Property Owners

Groundhogs in Rochester aren't noted for their aggression towards humans. While they will defend themselves when threatened, they aren't likely to go looking to start trouble. But that doesn't mean they can't become a problem in other ways.

Groundhogs burrow underground, creating massive tunnels in autumn to safely hibernate in the winter. Unfortunately, such tunneling has damaged plumbing, electrical work, and foundations. And while you can spot the opening of a burrow above ground, that doesn't tell you where the tunnels stretch.

RodentX Wildlife Control technicians will remove groundhogs from your property and help you identify and repair the damage while showing you how to prevent more in the future. We strive to give customers a comprehensive wildlife control experience. We even provide free estimates to help you get started with our commercial and residential wildlife control services in Rochester.

Why Groundhogs Are So Hard To Get Rid Of

If you've ever tried to get rid of groundhogs on your own, you know firsthand that this is a difficult undertaking. It's especially difficult to know the scale of the problem because the tunnels they build are intricate and can grow to be miles long.

RodentX Wildlife Control professionals receive extensive training with the latest tools and techniques for safe and humane wildlife removal. We also offer follow-up visits for additional security.

Contact RodentX Wildlife Control For Effective Groundhog Removal

Groundhog control is one of the hardest wildlife control jobs a layman can undertake. There's so much you need to know about the animal's behavior to track down these critters, let alone trap them. But, without the proper experience, you'll find yourself throwing good money after bad with little success to show for it.

That's why you should put your faith in us. RodentX Wildlife Control offers the most thorough humane wildlife removal services in Rochester and the surrounding area. We'll work with you to create the best plan that addresses your needs and concerns without using dangerous poisons.

Give us a call to learn more about our residential and commercial wildlife control services in Rochester! We can't wait to hear from you.

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