Get Rid Of Raccoons For Good: Advice From The Experts

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Raccoons are nocturnal mammals that are found all throughout the United States, though they tend to prefer more forested areas with easy access to water sources. They are one of the most prevalent wildlife pests, and they present a number of dangers to homeowners in Rochester, including property damage and disease.

This article will go over some of the reasons you might be more likely to see raccoons in urban areas, the various problems these pests can cause, and a few factors that might attract them to your home. The best pest control in Rochester comes from the professionals, and RodentX Wildlife Control is here to deliver. 

Why Raccoons Love Urban Areas

Before we talk about getting rid of raccoons, let’s discuss why they tend to enjoy living in areas like Rochester. Raccoons are typically more suited to woodland environments, as they are nocturnal and need a place to hide during the day. They also need an easily accessible source of water. Raccoons are omnivores, meaning that they are willing and able to eat almost anything. Fruits, nuts, berries, garden plants, insects, crayfish, birds, mice, rabbits, and more are all on the menu for these highly adaptable creatures.

It is, in fact, their flexibility that makes raccoons good at surviving in cities; they can eat almost anything out of the trash that humans leave behind, and their intelligence and impressive hand-eye coordination give them an edge over many other types of wildlife. They are able to treat a city much like a different kind of forest, remembering good sources of food and water and staying out of sight when possible. Before we move on to raccoon control methods, we’ll quickly touch on the problems raccoons can cause when left unchecked.

Raccoons Around The Property Can Cause Problems

Raccoons are wild animals, and while they may seem more comfortable around humans, they still bring with them a number of issues. In fact, their willingness to live close to people actually makes them more dangerous. Raccoons are one of the most common carriers of rabies, especially in the eastern parts of the United States. While seeing a raccoon out during the day is not a sure sign that it has rabies, it’s usually best that you stay clear if you spot one.

Raccoons can also cause a good deal of property damage, especially when they’ve decided that your home would make a good shelter. Next, let’s talk about removing raccoons and the things that attract them.

Factors That Attract Raccoons

Raccoons are primarily attracted by food, water, and shelter. Any area that provides easy access to all three is a prime target for these pests. So what can you do to reduce the likelihood of a raccoon infestation on your property? Here are a few simple tips: 

  • Store trash in sealed areas that raccoons can’t access. 
  • Check the exterior of your home for any holes in the roof or near the foundation.
  • Remove birdfeeders and birdbaths since they serve as food sources for raccoons. 
  • Get rid of any debris that raccoons could use as a hiding spot.

These raccoon prevention and control techniques should help you deter them, but they may not stop an infestation completely. If you need to get rid of raccoons right away, don’t hesitate to call the professionals like RodentX Wildlife Control. 

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Raccoons

The most reliable raccoon control method is to hire the services of a professional pest control company like RodentX. We are a local business that focuses on excellent customer service and reliable results.

Our team specializes in wildlife removal, so you can rest assured that your raccoon problems are temporary. We even offer free inspections, so contact RodentX Wildlife Control today!

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