Expert Bat Exclusion Techniques: Keeping Bat Invaders In Rochester At Bay

bat in a dark cave

Bats can be a difficult pest for homeowners to deal with. They are prone to make nests in attics and under the eaves of homes, and it’s often much harder to get them out than it is for them to get in. Luckily, bat control in Rochester, NY, doesn’t have to be time-consuming or intimidating.

Once you understand the importance of bats in the ecosystem and the possible dangers they present, you can implement some simple strategies to make it much harder for them to get into your house. And for bat infestations in your home, you can always call RodentX Wildlife Control. We specialize in all types of wildlife pest control in Rochester and the surrounding areas. 

Bats Play A Vital Role In Our Environment

Before we talk about how to get rid of bats in the house, let’s discuss the role that bats play in the environment. Bats are nocturnal flying mammals that tend to subsist on one of three main food sources; insects, fruit, or blood. Despite what you might have seen in popular media, bats that consume blood are quite rare. There are only three known species, and not only do all of them live outside of North America, but they also prefer animal blood and aren’t known to attack humans.

The bats that eat insects, which are usually the same bats that invade homes, are the most beneficial to their local ecosystems. By eating beetles, mosquitoes, flies, and other similar pest insects, these bats help to control insect populations and reduce the likelihood of these insects infesting homes. They will also eat insects that pollinate certain flowers, thereby participating in the pollination process themselves. Before we discuss bat mitigation practices for homeowners, let’s cover some of the diseases caused by bats.

Rabies And Other Dangerous Diseases Bats Are Known To Spread

One of the most well-known diseases bats can carry is rabies. Rabies is a disease that causes inflammation in the brain and can lead to death if it isn’t treated quickly. Rabies is most often transmitted through contact with an infected animal, such as touching or being bitten by it.

Another possible disease risk comes from bat feces, which contains a fungus that can cause a lung disease called histoplasmosis. If you don’t take care of bats in your Rochester house quickly, these risks will increase. 

Effective Bat Mitigation Strategies

Now that you know why bats are important to the environment and what kinds of diseases they might cause, let’s talk about what you can do to keep bats out of your house. Here are some effective but also humane bat control strategies:

  • Search for any cracks or gaps in the exterior of your home and seal them. 
  • Make sure that screens on windows and doors are working properly.
  • Install screens behind chimney openings and attic vents. 
  • Contact your local pest control company if you find evidence of bats in your home.

Many states have laws protecting bats because of their beneficial effect on the environment, so it’s often best to call the pros when dealing with bats directly. This will help ensure your safety as well as your family’s.

Call The Bat Experts For Safe And Effective Bat Solutions

When you need bat control specialists for your Rochester home, you can always depend on RodentX Wildlife Control. We are a local, family-owned business that takes pride in the quality of our services. We even offer same-day and emergency services whenever possible.

You can also request a free inspection, so you know what the process will look like before you make a choice. Contact RodentX Wildlife Control today!