Effective Skunk Control: Removing And Preventing Skunk Infestations Around Your Rochester Home

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With their black bodies and noticeable white stripes, skunks have one of the most recognizable appearances in the world. Not only are skunks known for their unique look, but they are also known as scary animals that can spray their enemies with a foul-smelling odor that lingers for weeks. 

If you see skunks around your home, an experienced Rochester pest control specialist can help you. At RodentX Wildlife Control, we know all the dangers of having skunks living on your property, and we can help keep you safe by eliminating these bothersome animals. Here is a look at the secret to skunk control for your Rochester home.

The Behavior And Habits Of Skunks: Understanding Their Patterns

Skunks like to live in rural areas, like forests, open fields, and prairies; however, the lack of food and natural shelter has driven more skunks to residential areas lately. Skunks are nocturnal animals. During the day, they will find a safe and dark place to burrow in and stay out of the way. In residential areas, you will likely find them sleeping inside storage buildings, in crawl spaces, or underneath porches.

Skunks in Rochester have a diverse diet. Once the sun goes down, they will come out of their hiding spots to hunt for food. They like to eat meat and vegetables and eat moles, crickets, wasps, and other animals. They are immune to snake venom and will eat any venomous snakes around them. They will also ransack nearby gardens and eat the available fruit and vegetables.

They are most active during the warmer months but can also be active during the winter. Skunks don't hibernate like other animals. However, when the temperature gets too cold and the food supply is low, they can slow their metabolism to go longer without eating.

Dangers Of A Skunk Infestation: Why You Don't Want These Guys Around

While skunks may play a part in keeping the bug and snake population under control, they are dangerous animals that should not be allowed to hang around your home. Skunks can carry rabies. They can also spread other diseases, including salmonellosis and distemper. Skunks also carry external parasites on their skins, such as fleas and ticks, that can easily spread to your yard. 

Skunks can also spray a yellow, oily substance from their anal glands. The spray can reach up to 15 feet away and contains a chemical compound called thiol with a strong, foul odor. This spray is usually harmless, but some people can suffer severe allergic reactions and may require medical attention after being sprayed; this is why local skunk control is so important. 

Skunk Prevention Strategies: Proactive Steps To Keep Skunks Away

Skunks don't like to get near humans and can get scared easily. Some things you can do to keep skunks away from your home include:

  • Keep a lockable lid on your trash cans
  • Eliminate any insect infestations that you have around your house
  • Install motion-detection lights in your home
  • Cover up any opening that leads to the space under your porch or crawl spaces

Skunks settle easily and don't like loud noises. Set up metal cans, glass bottles, or other objects that make loud noises around the premier of your home; this is an effective way to control nuisance skunks around your home. 

Skunk Removal Services: Why Professional Control Is Crucial

Skunks can be dangerous if you try to handle them or get too close to them. If you see any skunks around your home, you should slowly walk away from them and give us a call today. At RodentX Wildlife Control, we can safely and effectively remove skunks and other wildlife animals from your home with our professional wildlife control in Rochester

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