Don't Let Woodchucks Wreak Havoc Around Your Rochester Home

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Woodchucks are one of those animals that you want to love. They're furry and cute, and if you call them by their other name, they even have a whole holiday named after them. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts to win you over, anyone who has had to deal with woodchucks on their property will tell you the same thing: There isn't much to love about woodchucks. In fact, the only thing you'll be thinking about if they get onto your property is how to get rid of woodchucks. If you find yourself dealing with a woodchuck problem, you'll need pest control in Rochester from a company that specializes in dealing with wildlife. RodentX is the wildlife control company you need to take care of your woodchuck problem.

Woodchucks: A Destructive Pest For Homeowners

If you're not sure why you would want to get rid of woodchucks when they get onto your Rochester property, it may help to learn what it is about woodchucks that is such a problem. The first issue with woodchucks is that they will damage and destroy your plants, gardens, fruit trees, and other things you are trying to grow. Not only is this a nuisance that can make your property look terrible but it can also be economically difficult if you grow your own food or sell the things you grow.

Woodchucks dig tunnels and create burrows underground, which can be dangerous for your children, pets, or other people or animals that use your yard. These tunnels and holes can be tripping hazards, and they can also be the cause of foundation issues for your house.

If that weren't bad enough, because woodchucks are rodents, they must constantly chew on things to keep their teeth short. They have been known to chew on underground wires, causing electrical problems and outages for homeowners.

Is My Home Attracting Woodchucks?

It's possible that if you're having woodchuck problems, you might be contributing to them by attracting woodchucks to your property. Woodchucks love sweet fruit, so if you have fruit trees or grow other fruits in your garden, it's more likely that woodchucks will decide to visit. Crops of any kind can be an attractant for hungry woodchucks.

Woodchucks in Rochester may also be attracted to your home if it provides them with a good place to shelter. They are known to create burrows under buildings, so if you have space under or around your house or any outbuildings, woodchucks may show up and decide to stick around.

How To Prevent Woodchuck Activity Around Your Rochester Home

Woodchuck prevention starts by understanding what attracts woodchucks to your Rochester home. By knowing what attracts them, you can take steps to minimize the attractants. If you grow a garden, you may want to consider relocating it farther away from your house or building it in raised garden beds that don't touch the ground and have a tall fence around them.

If there are areas around your house that allow easy access for a woodchuck to build a burrow, fix that area so it is no longer an attractive sheltering spot for a woodchuck.

Why Call The Professionals To Put A Stop To Woodchucks

If you think that woodchucks have already gotten onto your property, you need woodchuck control in Rochester that will safely and effectively take care of the problem. Woodchuck removal is not something you should attempt on your own, as it can be dangerous. However, you also shouldn't allow woodchucks to stay on your property to damage your lawn and garden and possibly cause serious structural issues for your house. RodentX offers the experienced services you need to get rid of your woodchuck problem. Contact us today to get started.

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