Could A Woodchuck Chuck Enough Wood To Destroy Your Rochester Yard?

ground hog sleeping on tree branch

Woodchucks (Marmota monax), also commonly referred to as groundhogs, are relatives of squirrels found in six different species throughout the U.S. With brownish fur, the woodchuck is a larger, herbivorous rodent that burrows underground and forms tunnels and dens. People primarily see woodchucks as pests, especially among those who grow crops, have vegetable gardens, or have some types of plants common in landscaping.  

When encountered by humans, woodchucks typically will quickly retreat to their den. Several predatory creatures target woodchucks, including coyotes, bobcats, foxes, and dogs. Woodchucks are also often killed in collisions with motorized vehicles.  

Are you a local property owner facing woodchuck problems on your property? 

People struggling with these or similar creatures who contact a Rochester wildlife control company like RodentX for assistance experience positive outcomes. A trained wildlife control professional knows the best methods of removing woodchucks from properties safely and humanly. Additionally, these experts also specialize in woodchuck prevention and will identify any existing property conditions that may create future problems with these wildlife pests. 

Do Woodchucks Actually Chew Wood?

Although a woodchuck will consume some woody materials such as tree bark or twigs, woodchucks primarily eat plant vegetation such as grass, clovers, and dandelions. Woodchucks will sometimes sharpen their teeth by grinding on wood; however, they rarely chew through wood as beavers will. 

More common indicators of woodchuck activity include piles or mounds of dirt in the yard near the entry or exit holes or substantially damaged flower beds. As adults, woodchucks in Rochester are solitary creatures, except for mothers with newborns. 

Is It Bad To Have Groundhogs Around Your Yard?

In residential settings, people generally see groundhogs as nuisance wildlife pests. Encountering a groundhog inside the main areas of a home is highly unlikely; however, they will burrow into crawlspace areas beneath a structure.

When burrowing, groundhogs might destabilize parts of a home’s foundation, create unsightly and dangerous lawn holes, and damage underground pipes, cables, or wiring. Above the ground, these creatures will damage garden areas, and groundhogs often carry fleas and ticks.

What Attracts Woodchucks To Your Yard?

Keep in mind that woodchucks generally hibernate through the late fall and winter months, emerging when the weather warms in March. Some of the property conditions that might attract woodchucks to your Rochester home include: 

  • Woodchucks enjoy gardens containing their favorite foods, including alfalfa, beans, lettuce, and peas.
  • Fallen fruits or open compost bins are both potential attractants. 
  • Piles of wood, leaves or other vegetation may provide hiding places or help obscure underground entry or exit holes.

Those who successfully prevent woodchucks typically adopt a combined strategy that limits attractants and implements exclusionary measures that hinder entry. For example, reducing the likelihood of damage to gardens by installing fencing or similar tools that physically limit access. Regularly inspect the exterior of the property for any evidence of digging and promptly fill in any holes or cavities. Some studies suggest that certain natural herbs, such as mint, basil, and rosemary, will deter woodchucks.  

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Groundhogs Around Your Yard?

Are you seeking strategies for getting rid of woodchucks? The team with RodentX delivers superior quality wildlife control for residents in the upstate New York region and knows the best methods for repelling woodchucks.  We provide comprehensive solutions for all kinds of troublesome wildlife, including mice, rats, raccoons, squirrels, and many more. 

After solving existing wildlife concerns, our team will also implement effective exclusionary measures when needed. These remedial and preventative services offer excellent protection for keeping areas of the home, such as crawlspaces or attics, free from subsequent invasions. 

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