Common Wildlife Concerns In Rochester And How To Handle Them

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Rochester is home to a variety of wildlife species. While sharing our environment with these creatures can be fascinating, it poses challenges and potential risks. Understanding the types of wildlife commonly found in Rochester and knowing how to handle wildlife concerns is essential for maintaining a harmonious coexistence. 

For effective wildlife control in Rochester, contacting RodentX Wildlife Control is the ideal choice.

What Types Of Wildlife Live Around Rochester?

Rochester boasts an array of wildlife species, ranging from small mammals to birds and other flying creatures. Some of the common wildlife found in the region include:

  • Bats
  • Birds
  • Groundhogs
  • Mice
  • Opossums
  • Raccoons
  • Rats
  • Skunks
  • Squirrels
  • Woodchucks

If you have any of these or other wildlife species around your home, contact us immediately for a thorough inspection. 

Problems Different Types Of Wildlife Can Cause

While wildlife can be fascinating to observe, they can also cause many problems when their habitat mixes with populated areas. Some of the common issues associated with wildlife in Rochester include:

  1. Property damage: Wildlife species like squirrels, raccoons, and skunks can cause significant damage to structures, attics, roofs, and electrical wiring as they seek shelter or forage for food. This damage can be expensive to repair and compromise the integrity of your home.
  2. Health risks: Certain wildlife species, such as raccoons and bats, can potentially transmit diseases to humans and pets. Rabies is a significant concern, as it can be fatal if left untreated. Additionally, bird droppings can contain harmful bacteria and fungi, posing health risks when present in large quantities.
  3. Nuisance behavior: Making noise, creating messes, and raiding garbage cans, are all nuisance wildlife activities that can be disruptive and frustrating for homeowners. Skunks, in particular, can emit their pungent spray if they feel threatened, causing discomfort and odor issues.
  4. Wildlife-human conflicts: Encounters with wildlife can lead to potential conflicts, especially if the animals feel cornered or provoked. Raccoons and skunks, when startled or defending their young, may bite or scratch in self-defense, putting humans and pets at risk of injury.

While they may be fun to watch in the wild, animals can cause serious problems around our homes, and wildlife control is critical to your safety and well-being. 

Why All Wildlife Problems Call For Professional Solutions

When you find wildlife around your Rochester home, the temptation may arise to handle it on your own, so you run to the store and buy traps, bait, and poisons. While these DIY wildlife control techniques may eliminate a few animals from around your property, they don’t get to the root of the problem, putting you in an endless battle with wildlife. 

Call us for professional wildlife solutions instead of wasting your time with DIY wildlife control. We can remove the wildlife on your property completely and help you make the necessary changes to keep them from returning. Professional wildlife solutions also mean you are safe from the health concerns that interaction with wildlife can create. 

Contact RodentX For Effective Wildlife Removal In Rochester

Call us immediately if you are looking for the most effective wildlife removal services in Rochester. One of our trained technicians will inspect your property and determine the species causing you problems. Then we will get to work removing any nuisance wildlife from your property using humane and effective methods that are safe for your family and pets. 

After we have removed the wildlife from your property, we can perform exclusion services to seal any entry points around your home and point out any conditions that may be conducive to future infestations. We will also sanitize areas where wildlife is present to mitigate any health concerns and keep you safe in your Rochester home.   

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