Bats In Your Syracuse Home? Don't Panic- Here's What To Do

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Bats are flying mammals that exist throughout the United States in roughly 40 different species. The entertainment industry has traditionally portrayed bats as creepy and dangerous—often associating them with vampires. Fortunately, while bats may pose health risks, they are not generally aggressive toward humans.

Bats play an important role in the environment by helping to reduce the population of many troublesome pests and assisting with plant pollination. Bats often appear in brown or black and have large ears allowing for superior hearing. The wings that bats possess have bone structures that are similar to human hands with a “membrane-like” covering.

Are you looking for answers regarding the best way of getting rid of bats that have invaded your home? Based on the health risks that exist and the potential for additional property damage, homeowners should consult with a local wildlife control expert regarding an inspection. An experienced Syracuse bat control professional will accurately identify the nature and the extent of the intrusion. After performing professional bat removal in Syracuse, these specialists may also implement remedial actions and exclusionary measures that help protect against future bat invasions.

Identifying The Presence Of Bats In Your Home: Signs And Symptoms

What common signs should property owners look for that indicate a likely intrusion involving bats? Look for bats flying around the home and yards areas, which is most common during the hours around sunrise and sunset when many types of insects are most active.

Many homeowners will initially detect the presence of bats at night. Bats are primarily nocturnal creatures and often generate strange noises as they flutter inside attics or walls. Often, areas of the home infested by bats emit an “ammonia-like” odor.

Have you noticed indications suggesting that bats have infiltrated your home in Syracuse? Promptly contact a professional bat exterminator regarding an assessment. A local wildfire control specialist is familiar with the behavior of these unwanted creatures and understands the best methods of safely resolving these concerns.

Bat-Borne Diseases: Understanding The Risks To Human Health

Why should property owners in Syracuse who experience a bat intrusion consider having assistance from a professional bat removal company? Despite providing some benefits to the overall ecosystem, bats may create health risks that impact you and your family; thus, choosing the pros for efficient removal services is the best course of action.

Along with raccoons, skunks, and foxes, bats are among the leading carriers of rabies, a potentially fatal viral concern. The rabies virus typically hinders the central nervous system, which can significantly impact the brain.

Bats are known carriers of a host of germs that exist in their saliva and waste. Bats often carry various types of parasites that they might introduce to your home. Bat waste may generate airborne particles that create dangerous respiratory problems such as histoplasma.

Long-Term Bat Prevention: Maintaining a Bat-Free Home

What are some of the most effective bat prevention strategies for property owners in Syracuse to consider?

These methods are among the best options:

  • Place mesh or another durable material over vents, chimneys, and other potential entry points. 
  • Regularly check the exterior areas, including roofs, eaves, and windows for any damage that needs repair to prevent bat entry.
  • Prevent areas of standing water, which may attract mosquitoes and similar prey, by filling in ground holes and removing planters or tarps.
  • Limit bright outdoor lighting, which often attracts types of flying pests that bats consume.
  • Some studies suggest that cinnamon, eucalyptus, and peppermint have repellent properties.

While these prevention methods are proven effective measures, those struggling with an existing bat intrusion should seek assistance from trained professionals. Properly qualified wildlife control experts understand the best bat control methods performed safely. Further, when visiting the property, a local professional may identify any vulnerabilities that make the premises susceptible to future intrusions and implement bat exclusion methods as needed.

Hiring Professional Bat Services: Peace of Mind And Long-Term Results

Is there a provider of residential wildlife control services that offers bat removal near me? RodentX Wildlife Control is a family-owned organization that provides solutions for local property owners faced with problems involving bats and many other potentially harmful kinds of wildlife. Our team seeks to achieve a balance that involves efficiently removing unwanted creatures and ensuring that we protect our customers and the local environment that we share.

In addition to bats, our technicians will assist homeowners with concerns involving birds, squirrels, rats, and many other bothersome and potentially dangerous creatures that may also create expensive property damage. Contact our office today for details on comprehensive residential and commercial wildlife control services in the Syracuse region.

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