Bats In Rochester: A Serious Concern For Homeowners

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If you’ve seen them flying around at dusk, you know that bats are alive and active in Rochester. You’re likely also aware of what a benefit bats are to our ecosystem and how efforts are being made to ensure their populations don’t decrease any further but instead continue to grow. While bats are great when they remain out in the wild where they belong, they can become a serious concern for Rochester homeowners when they find a way to move into your home. When that happens, you need bat control specialists who know how to safely remove those bats from your house. RodentX provides pest control in Rochester for bats and other wildlife using our ample experience and expertise.

How Bats Get Inside Homes & Commercial Properties

How do bats get in houses and commercial properties? Bats are small animals that can fit into tiny spaces. If they can find an opening, even a small one, that leads into your home or business, they will. If your structure has attic louvers that aren’t tightly closed or fascia boards with gaps underneath, bats can utilize these spaces to get inside. Other openings can be used as well. 

Once inside, bats in Rochester may choose to use the area to live and have their babies. They’ll come and go through the same access points they first used to get inside. 

The Many Problems Bats Cause Inside Homes

If bats were good house guests, you might not mind having them live in your attic. After all, they eat a lot of insects, so having a healthy bat population on your property could work to your benefit. Unfortunately, when bats get into your house, they don’t clean up after themselves. 

Bat droppings in your attic not only make a mess but can cause serious health problems for your family. Bat guano can carry dangerous diseases, some of which can become airborne and sicken your family, even without direct contact with the droppings. 

Bat droppings can also damage your house. They accumulate quickly, damaging the parts of your house they touch and potentially causing structural issues for your home. Roof collapses have been known to happen due to bat guano.

Another health problem associated with bats is rabies. While rare, bats can contract and transmit rabies, which can be deadly. They also carry parasites, such as bat mites and bat bugs, that will also bite humans if they get into your house.

Are Bat Infestations Dangerous?

Because of all of the problems they cause, bats are dangerous animals to have in your house. They threaten your family’s health and safety, and they threaten your home. Due to the threats they pose when they get into your Rochester house, it’s essential that you know how to control bats in your house in the event that they find their way inside your home.

What To Do If Bats Have Made Their Way Into Your Rochester Property

Bat removal in Rochester is best handled by a professional wildlife control company. Not only is a bat infestation dangerous to handle yourself but there are certain laws in place that must be adhered to when taking care of a bat infestation. The professionals at RodentX offer the bat control services near you that you need to get rid of your bat infestation completely. We will safely remove every bat from your home and also provide the exclusion, repair, and sanitation services you need to make sure your family is safe from health concerns and your house is safe from a new infestation. To learn more about our bat control or to schedule your service, contact RodentX today.

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"They were professional right from the start. They removed contaminated insulation and replaced all the insulation in the attic. They sealed up all entry points, so no more bats/squirrels can get in. I would certainly recommend RodentX!"

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