Bats Around Your Rochester Home Are A Bigger Problem Than You May Think

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Have you ever walked around at night and seen bats flying around? These creatures are everywhere. We don't notice them because they spend most of their days hiding indoors. You would be shocked how many homes and businesses here in Rochester are currently dealing with bat infestations. Hopefully, they are not in your home.

In this article, you will learn why bats are a bigger problem than you might think in Rochester and how to keep them out of your home. Call RodentX Wildlife Control today to hear about our bat control. We will answer your questions about wildlife control in Rochester and find a solution to these nighttime pests.

Bats Play A Vital Role In Our Environment

Most people think that bats are completely useless creatures. Although they might seem this way, they actually provide a huge benefit to our planet's ecosystem. Specifically, these aviary creatures work hard to consume tons of pests and even help with pollinating plants and dispersing seeds. For this, we are incredibly grateful for these nighttime flyers.

The only problem is that bats often choose to take up shelter inside local homes and businesses. This would be less of an issue if it weren't for the serious problems they cause when indoors. Here is a bit more you should know about this.

Bats Are Capable Of Spreading Dangerous Diseases

Before we talk about bat removal, we think you should know why these wildlife pests are a big problem. If you didn't know, bats often carry harmful diseases. When hanging in attics, bats will defecate. Their fecal matter contains harmful bacteria that can cause disease. Bats are also the most common transmitters of rabies. They often transmit it amongst themselves in cramped spaces as they get irritable and bite their neighbor. 

Keeping this in mind, if you hear noises in your attic during the day, be extremely cautious if you check it out. It only takes a few seconds to rile up these aviary wildlife pests and get bitten. The final problem bats cause comes with the pests they carry indoors. It is not uncommon for bats to bring fleas and ticks into homes—these smaller pests then fall off and get into living areas where they bite humans and pets. 

How To Identify And Remove Factors That Attract Bats

There are a few things that might encourage bats to invade your home. Most commonly, these wildlife pests decide to come indoors when there is easy access to attic spaces. To prevent a bat infestation, here are some exclusion tips to consider. Make sure there are no bats inside your home before performing these steps, as you might accidentally trap them indoors:

  • Repair damage to your home's roofline.
  • Install a bat-proof cap on your chimney.
  • Make sure all attic windows are in good working condition.
  • Repair any damage to your roof's shingles.

If you suspect that bats are inside your home, do not worry. We offer amazing bat removal in Rochester and would be happy to pay you a visit.

Call The Professionals For Safe And Effective Bat Control

If you have bats in your house and need them out fast, we would like to help. RodentX Wildlife Control is a licensed and professional wildlife control provider that specializes in wildlife pests like rodents and bats. We have the tools, equipment, and knowledge to effectively address the problems you are dealing with and prevent future infestations.

Contact RodentX Wildlife Control to learn more about our bat control methods or if you have any unanswered questions about bats and how they cause trouble in Rochester.

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