A Guide To Keeping The Birds Away From Your Rochester Property

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Nothing is more uplifting than waking up to the chirping of songbirds outside your windows on an early summer morning. The multitude of different types of birds sharing their lives with us in beautiful NY state greatly contributes to our lives and well-being and has an important place in the ecological chain in the environment around us.

Unfortunately, the same admirable qualities that make them such a boon to our lives can also become a major problem if the bird population gets out of control. Noise, damage to plants and property, and bird droppings all over your yard and car are just some of the problems a bird infestation brings.

Let's take a quick look at the types of birds common in Rochester, the risks their presence brings, how to control bird populations, and where you can secure expert wildlife control in the Rochester area to give you a leg up in the battle.

Common Types Of Pest Birds Found In The Area

Of the hundreds of bird species common to our state, the majority want nothing to do with humans, seeing us as a threat best to stay away from. A number of species, however, have developed almost a symbiotic relationship with us.

In the Rochester area, you're likely to see the following bird types around your property:

  • Sparrows
  • Woodpeckers
  • Waterfowl 
  • Pigeons
  • Crows

The majority of bird species that call our area home are harmless and become a problem only when their numbers get out of control. If that does happen, taking into account how difficult reaching the places they nest and how fast their numbers can grow, it's best to get an experienced technician specializing in bird control in Rochester involved as soon as possible.

The Problems Pest Birds Can Create

While the majority of the impact birds have on our day-to-day lives is beneficial or, at worst, can be best defined as a nuance, when their numbers grow out of control, birds can become a serious problem. Woodpeckers can damage trees and the outside surfaces of your home, droppings from pigeons and other birds can corrode HVAC units and the paint on your car, and the nests that birds construct in vents and gutters can block the water from draining and damage your roof.

How To Identify Factors That Attract Birds To Your Property

Like most other pests, birds are attracted to your home by easily available food sources, water, and safety from natural predators.

  • Decorative bird fountains, puddles of standing water, or a leaking outside faucet lure birds to your house.
  • Trees and bushes with easily accessible, bright-colored berries, such as cherries, high-bush cranberries, elderberries, etc., will attract birds.
  • Out-of-control bug populations are very attractive to local bird populations, and with such an abundant food source, their numbers will grow fast.
  • Overgrown thickets and trees will leave a lot of places for birds to nest.

Keeping birds away from your property can often seem like a never-ending losing battle, but removing the points of attraction that drive them to your home will more often than not help motivate them to move on to more fertile grounds.

The Safe And Effective Bird Control Solution For Your Property

At RodentX Wildlife Control, we specialize in residential bird control and helping Rochester area homeowners remove birds and other wildlife from their property without using poisons or chemicals that can endanger you or your family.

 We use traps and other humane and effective methods to clear off birds and will help you create a plan to keep them away in the future.

If your Rochester home has become a nesting ground for wild birds and your property is starting to look like an Alfred Hitchcock movie trailer, give us a call today!

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